Aria for Communications

The Agility Platform for Monetizing Business Innovation

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) including mobile, Multiple System Operators (MSOs), OTT, and media providers, are facing rapid disruption with significant revenue and margin pressures. With declining landline and voice revenues, disruption in video and connectivity, industry consolidation, and shrinking product lifecycles, CSPs must transform rapidly.

New opportunities are also changing the game. Emerging digital services, OTT content, and IoT data provide incremental revenue streams only if they can be effectively monetized. No matter what channel, customers can expect more services and will demand simpler experiences. In this increasingly disruptive world, CSPs need digital speed to go to market quickly with a wider variety of products and services and then ability to test and iterate upon these offerings. And, they need to do this all without having to compromise on enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and security.

Yet, CSPs have spent the last decade consumed with preserving their legacy Business Support Systems (BSS), which are now at the end of their useful life. The legacy technology that has served traditional voice models, now stands as a bottleneck to the extension of digital services. To be successful, CSPs need to complement their expensive, slow, insulated BSS/OSS systems to deliver more agile services and simpler, better customer experiences.

Aria for Communications was created in response to market demand for an offering that enables a bi-modal architecture strategy in which Aria governs the monetization of new business and easily integrates with existing legacy BSS systems that manage the core business. Existing businesses run without interruption, while Aria’s agility layer facilitates the speedy delivery of new, bundled, and rapidly evolving digital services.

The Aria cloud-based monetization platform gives CSPs the speed and agility needed to compete effectively in today’s intensely demanding market. Only Aria has the building blocks so that CSPs can successfully manage the monetization process across new digital businesses:

  • Process Management – Automate core billing and revenue management capabilities including:
    • Product Management – Dynamic and extensible hierarchical product catalog for sophisticated subscription and usage-based pricing, bundling, promotions and discount management without SKU proliferation
    • Agile Billing Management – Timely, accurate billing with human intervention only on an exception basis
    • Customer Management – Extensible hierarchical account to manage multiple payment options per account and per plan. Monitor and influence customer behavior via actionable customer insights
    • Financial Management – Billing and revenue recognition with the ERP/Financial Management system of record
  • Revenue Analytics – Out-of-the-box analytics and reporting with deeper customer insight from context.
  • Integration-Ready™ APIs – Built from the ground up to integrate with the many systems required to manage communications’ end-to-end monetization process. With a library of over 400 APIs, Aria experience and expertise enables the digital connectivity and delivery CSPs demand.
  • Active Orchestration™ – Tailor business processes and event management across the eco-system via APIs and workflow.
  • Line of Business Empowerment – Enable business users with direct control—through configuration, not code—to rapidly introduce and evolve their offerings.
  • Enterprise Grade Scalability & Security – Trust your monetization operations and connectivity to the leader in enterprise monetization.
  • Rapid Time to Value – Transform you digital business and go to market faster with the proven experience and expertise of the market leader

No Rip and Replace - Aria enables a bi-modal architecture strategy where the Aria for Communications agility platform for new business complements, or augments, the legacy BSS for the core/existing business.

Aria Sample Deployment Architecture

Aria provides the widest range of agile monetization models that allow teams to quickly iterate and tailor pricing, bundling, and promotions without manual coding.

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Aria Customer Success

Innovative companies, like Verizon, Roku, Telekom Denmark, and ItaliaOnline depend on Aria for increased agility that accelerates to revenue, maximizes customer lifetime value, and ultimately grows their business.

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