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Transform your business into an AI and data-driven organization capable of making smarter, more informed, and automated decisions by leveraging all available business information.

Unlock the power of billing data

Aria Data transforms billing data into a strategic asset. It can securely extract data from Aria Billing Cloud for other applications, including business intelligence and AI architectures, empowering your organization to utilize billing data more effectively. It offers:

Comprehensive billing data access

Gain access to all essential billing datasets, along with optional workflow data for in-depth analysis.

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Abstraction for stable intuitive use

Abstracted into logical data objects for intuitive data representation, application stability, and business-friendly reporting.

Tailored ETL services

Customizable extraction, transformation, and data loading services designed to meet your unique requirements.

Time sensitive extraction

Benefit from both near real-time continuous and regular periodic data feeds for in-time data delivery.

Data volume optimization

Fine-tune dataset selection during extraction for efficient storage in downstream applications, minimizing unnecessary data transfer.

Delta data updates

Ability to only send data updates, to optimize data processing requirements and data transfer volumes.

Robust data privacy and compliance

Rigorous and configurable PII and PCI controls to satisfy all regulatory and security mandates, respectively.

Data enrichment and transformation

Choose from a variety of data enrichment options, including contextual enhancements to facilitate use of foundational AI models.

Flexible data delivery options

Through our Aria Snowflake Datashare service or a cloud data provider of your choice, including AWS and Azure products, we can deliver directly to your application or data cloud.

White-glove data services

Experience comprehensive, professional data engineering support via our Technical Account Managers (TAM).

Versatile data extraction formats

Extract data in a format that suits your needs, from CSV/Parquet for periodic updates to SSE/Parquet for streaming transfers.

Complete AI toolkit

Combined with Aria APIs and eventing model, our services provide a robust data fabric designed to support AI architectures for new levels of automation and productivity.

Our suite of data tools and flexible services efficiently extract, transform and share this data for endless applications including:

Aria Data

Comprehensive, customizable, compliant

Aria Data covers a suite of standardized and customizable service tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data. Out-of-the-box it provides a stable logical object model available in the industry standard Parquet, CSV and JSON file formats or via a Snowflake data share. To customize, Aria Data includes a variety of transformation and destination service tools, enabling a bespoke data shape and delivery model.

Data extraction

Aria Data provides two main data extract options to suit different data access architectures. They are typically used independently but can be combined for specific use-cases:

  • Aria Data Feed – Designed to extract data from Aria Billing Cloud on a streaming basis in preparation for transformation and loading into your environment. Ideal for applications that need near real-time data updates. Aria Data Feed provides SSE output in various formats, including JSON and Parquet.
  • Aria Data Extend – Designed to extract data from Aria Billing Cloud on a periodic basis, in preparation for transformation and loading into your environment. It provides file output in various formats, including CSV and Parquet. Ideal for high data loads.

Data transformation

Aria Data enables the data to be transformed and enriched into a data shape required for your business. The Aria Services team configure these to meet your needs.

  • Aria AI Datashare – Automates the enrichment of Aria data with contextual metadata to optimize prompt engineering and responses associated with foundational AI models.
  • Custom curatable views and data enrichment service – Aria Data transformation service tools enable our professional services team to automate the transformation and enrichment of Aria data into your specific data shape.

Data load

Aria Data has multiple mechanisms to deliver data to your environment, from Aria Snowflake Datashare, a standardized out-of-the-box option, to custom transfer and connector services.

  • Aria Snowflake Datashare – Delivers data directly into your Snowflake environment via a data share, removing IT and data engineering support needs.
  • Custom applications, secure transfers and data platforms – Aria Data destination service tools enable our professional services team to automate the send, transfer and load of your data into your specific data environments. Data can be pulled, pushed or shared using different cloud technologies.

Access comprehensive datasets

Aria Billing Cloud is a system of record for a diverse range of data sets designed to provide comprehensive insights into every aspect of your customer interactions and service usage. Aria Data enables access to the following datasets to empower your decision-making and automation with data-driven clarity and precision.

Account changes

All account data including product and service adjustments post-purchase, whether made by customer support, the customer, or automation.

Transaction & invoice history

A comprehensive record of subscription purchases, costs, partner revenue shares, and invoice details including taxes and adjustments.

Usage data

Record of precise consumption for metered services, detailed or summarized with associated costs.

Payment & collection history

Tracks payments, payment methods and their success rates, including the timing of payments and collection efforts.

Refund & credit history

Financial effects of customer dissatisfaction, covering refunds, credits, and dispute resolutions.

Predicted bill information

Pro-forma invoices to communicate upcoming bills and enhance revenue assurance.

Coupon, discount & promotion data

The usage of structured discounting tools across all customers over time, including their impact on customer retention and satisfaction.

Product metrics

Data on product uptake, retention, pricing effectiveness, and upgrade rates for all products and packages.

Aria Workflow data

Data stored for dedicated business automation processes and applications that support your unique business requirements (via Data Extend Only).

“Merging near real-time billing data into our broader repository of business intelligence sources gives us more clarity around the impact of promotions and how customers are responding to our offerings.”


Mindbody Expands Engagement with Aria Systems and Aria Data Feed

Analyst Viewpoint

Trend: Data and connectivity

IDC Research Director Mark Thomason took to the stage at the Aria Recur customer conference to share recent trends from vendors and enterprises. Traditional enterprises pursuing recurring revenue models and procuring disparate software platforms to support these ambitions crave easier integrations with existing and neighboring business systems along with immediate access to data.

Getting data into systems and enterprise data lakes and then extracting that data more quickly for conversion into useful and actionable insights that enable teams to “do things better” remains a pervasive challenge. Enterprises adopting new SaaS solutions want a degree of interconnectivity that enables systems to speak to one another and share data seamlessly.

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