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Build rules and processes with Aria to suit your unique way of doing business. Save time and effort with the Aria Workflow Application Library.

Business process automation

Many enterprises have unique business rules and processes related to billing that go beyond any pre-defined solution. Aria Workflow enables the creation of custom business rules and logic to augment the configurable rules and processes within Aria.


Why Aria Workflow

Automate and enforce proprietary business rules and practices

Construct complementary rules and processes within Aria Billing Cloud to support your unique requirements for billing. Use and re-use logic, flows, interfaces and datasets to craft workflows. Remove manual intervention from business processes.

No-code approach for continuous optimization

Once trained on Aria Workflow, you can create, modify and re-use workflows using a non-programming visual-builder interface. Continue to optimize business processes in an agile way. Aria support assists with workflow verification and launch.

Embedded seamless access

Aria Workflow is embedded within Aria Billing Cloud so all infrastructure management, security, SLAs and APIs are naturally extended and available to Aria Workflow. This eliminates or reduces reliance and risk on sub-optimal middleware layers.

Save time using Aria’s Workflow Application Library

A growing application library provides access to common workflows built by and for Aria’s community that can be further modified to suit your requirements.

case study

Healthcare provider

A healthcare provider used Aria Workflow to optimize their pay-as-you-use service pricing based on multiple factors, including demand, location and channel. This allowed the provider to:

  • Reimagine their market and build a new business model
  • Enable an under-served market
  • Grow their business with a more accessible service

Common Uses

Workflow application library

Credit card retry optimizer

An intelligent workflow that determines the optimal frequency and timing to retry a credit card for a previously declined charge in order to minimize revenue leakage.

Universal lockbox processor

Processes data regarding payments and refunds issued by bank transactions to ensure payments and refunds are included in the final statement.

Invoice approval workbench

Automates the approval of invoices by criteria and enables the preview and approval of invoices that require attention in real time. Reduces time associated with invoice risk management.

VAT ID verifier

Validates VAT tax exception against external web service for invoice accuracy and compliance. Provides tools to manage and correct failures to minimize billing effort.

Charge back processor

Processes disputed charges provided by payment processor and schedules subsequent actions that are configurable by rule. Reduces revenue leakages, saves time and reduces errors.

Forex rate updater

Automatically updates prices and rates based on external foreign exchange rates and rules to ensure continual profitability and margin management.

Fraud prevention manager

Review accounts, account purchases and transaction behaviors against external fraud databases and AI solutions for revenue assurance. Export fraudulent transactions to enrich external fraud databases and services.

Product catalog planner

Manage product catalog change, approval and communication through business process automation. Ensure all downstream systems and people are kept informed. Integrate with inbound partner product changes.


Aria Workflow Features

  • Multiple ways to trigger workflows
    Workflows can be triggered by schedules when specified Aria events occur or by external APIs.
  • Manage process state
    Workflow allows for processes to pause and wait for additional actions before continuing, such as when approvals are needed or when one process must complete before a subsequent process is initiated.
  • Full access to all Aria APIs and events
    Workflow has access to Aria’s integration framework called Active Orchestration. Learn more.
  • Integrate with any external API
    Interoperate with any external Web Service API, including payment processors, tax engines, CRMs, ERPs and many other third-party platforms.
  • Support event-based architectures
    Workflow can process payloads from external event queues as part of an asynchronous business event architecture.
  • Out-of-the-box file transfer capabilities
    Workflow has full, built-in support for inbound and outbound file transfer for a host of file types, including ETL processing.

“We empower our customers to innovate at the edge, and we believe they shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the month for their usage and billing information. Aria’s cloud billing platform allows us to provide our customers with critical data and timely information related to consumption, which ultimately enables them to be more successful.”

Adriel Lares, CFO

Fastly Builds on its Partnership with Aria Systems as it Enters Next Phase of Global Growth

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