Reap the Benefits of Recurring Revenue

Aria Billing Cloud enables enterprises to move to as-a-service or consumption-based business models so that they can take advantage of all the benefits of recurring revenue.


Increase customer lifetime value

Recurring revenue is a win-win for both the enterprise and its customers. Your enterprise gets a predictable growing revenue stream, an expanded customer base and an ongoing relationship with customers. Customers get a predictable expense where they only have to pay for what they need.

Aria’s platform enables the enterprise to seize this opportunity, using automation that creates a successful recurring revenue business model. Our cloud-native platform goes beyond basic billing to manage subscription and usage-based revenue over the lifetime of your customer relationships.


The Aria Billing Cloud

Acquire more customers

Offer products in new ways and expand your market to people and places you have been previously unable to reach.

Grow recurring revenue

Take advantage of all the benefits of recurring revenue business models.

Improve the customer experience

Bring new products, pricing, bundles and monetization models to market faster, and without IT intervention.

Maximize lifetime value

Transform every customer interaction into a successful revenue moment.

Reduce revenue leakage

Automate your business rules related to payments, dunning and collection.

Automate billing processes

Reduce human error and streamline billing processes, gaining more time to focus on strategies that grow revenue.

Consolidate on one platform

Run all your business units on a single billing platform that is flexible and scalable, handles any level of pricing complexity, has the widest range of monetization models and can connect to any number of finance operations systems.

Futureproof your investment

Ensure your billing operations are ready for anything with the most flexible, extensible platform.

“With Aria’s proven track record and ability to reinvent customer experiences through innovation, the cloud-billing platform will give us more flexibility and scalability to customize our billing solutions, enabling us to enhance our digital platform and deliver a better experience to our customers.”

Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer, M1

Aria Systems’ Cloud Billing and Monetization Platform Now Live with Leading Singapore Communications Services Provider, M1

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