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Now Customer Revenue Management

A comprehensive order-to-cash-to-care solution that enhances productivity and fuels growth using ServiceNow with Aria Billing Cloud.

Aria is ServiceNow’s Certified Billing Partner

As a ServiceNow Registered Build Partner, we empower ServiceNow customers across all industries with seamless automated subscription and usage billing, along with efficient billing inquiry management.

Now customer Revenue Management

Now, complete with Aria

Streamline your entire customer revenue lifecycle by enhancing ServiceNow, the leader in enterprise service management, with Aria Billing Cloud, the leader in billing automation. Integrated using Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow, this powerful solution combines ServiceNow’s Sales and Order Management (SOM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) capabilities with Aria’s advanced billing system. The result is a comprehensive order-to-cash-to-care solution, delivering unmatched efficiency and performance.

Our solution with ServiceNow offers a unified Now user experience, empowering agents to deliver frictionless service excellence.

Complete revenue Management

Enhance ServiceNow with versatile multi-industry billing capabilities

Configure complex subscription plans using the widest array of monetization options, including usage-based services. Automate billing at scale for ServiceNow Order and Sales Management (SOM) and configured offers captured by ServiceNow CPQ.

Reach any market in any industry through any channel. Discover new market opportunities and fully realize your business’s revenue potential.

Billing is the #1 inbound customer inquiry for enterprises

Work On NOW

Deliver seamless billing experiences using Aria Billing Studio integration

Unlock sales and service agent productivity with our integration suite, Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow. This suite provides a Now Next Experience layer, Remote Tables, and Integration Hub, allowing access to Aria Billing Cloud capabilities directly from ServiceNow. It ensures a frictionless 360 experience for both customers and employees.

The suite includes support for Telecommunication Service Management, Technology Provider Service Management, and associated Sales and Order Management and ITSM products.

AI Transformation

Power Now Assist with critical billing data

Integrate essential billing data for Now Assist to deliver AI productivity and customer experience, using Aria Data.

Empower your sales and service agents during order negotiations, dispute management, billing inquiries, and service rectification. Enable customers to self-serve billing inquiries using natural language, reducing costs associated with assisted channels. Deliver strategic performance insights to your product team and proactively identify revenue leakage in your assurance processes.

360 Customer Management

Unify assurance and retention with billing processes

Enhance case management with integrated retention and monetization tools. Investigate invoices, statements, and usage details to support case, retention and assurance processes. Enable outcome-based billing and integrate payment controls. Deliver a complete 360-degree customer revenue assurance process.

Total revenue automation

Aria Billing Cloud’s API-oriented architecture aligns seamlessly with ServiceNow’s workflow-based platform, to remove friction, reinvent service, and transform experiences. Together, Aria Billing Cloud and ServiceNow deliver a complete revenue management solution.

Core components:

Customer Service Management (CSM)
Sales and Order Management (SOM) including ServiceNow CPQ
Now Assist (AI)
Aria Billing Cloud
Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow Integration Suite
Aria Data for Billing-Aware CMDB

Development partner


Lead-to-Cash-to-Service transformation expert Sneeyeg is an Aria Systems build partner and a ServiceNow implementation specialist. Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow was developed in collaboration with Sneeyeg.

Aria Billing is integral to every ServiceNow role

Aria Billing Cloud with ServiceNow impacts every role in an organization, driving both revenue generation and operational efficiency.

VP, Revenue Operations

Automate billing for all orders at scale, including personalized and configured (CPQ) sales offers, and seamlessly link billing and payments to fulfillment and service outcomes for assured collections. Proactively keep sales, customers and customer success teams informed and connected on renewals and usage status while ensuring compliance with revenue recognition requirements.

VP, Customer Services

Proactively drive customers to digital channels to self-serve billing inquiries. Give your service agents one location to view and track customer information including their subscription and billing history. See what customers see on their bill. Analyze their service usage to make the right recommendations. Access billing controls for customer retention, upsell and renewals. Empower your services teams with a 360 customer view.

VP, Product Operations

Use Aria billing data for strategic product planning, demand forecasting and pricing strategies. Build billing models for ServiceNow Sales and Order Management (SOM) to maximise revenues across diverse product portfolios, dynamic pricing strategies, and varied customer segments. Easily craft complex billing models, eligibility plans and upsell options. Automate billing for account-based subscription and usage pricing.

VP, Service Assurance

Support customers throughout their post-purchase journey by seamlessly connecting billing and revenue collection with order outcomes, service entitlements, and contract SLAs. Integrate customer lifecycle workflows with billing adjustments to manage jeopardy situations and service changes. Automate billing change, secure approvals, and keep systems of record up to date to ensure smooth and efficient processes.


Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow at DTW 2024

We will be demonstrating Aria Billing Studio for ServiceNow at Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen, from June 18-20. Meet us at Booth 307 in the Quad, or register now to book a demo.

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