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Aria Snowflake Datashare

Swiftly get your Aria billing data into Snowflake to enhance or build new data applications, with zero complications.

Your Billing Data, in Your Snowflake

Welcome to the pinnacle of data management ease—where your billing data flows directly into your Snowflake instance, ready for data applications and workloads. Forget the complexities of IT integration; our service delivers a seamless experience with a logical model designed for application stability and simplicity.

Aria Snowflake Datashare

Enjoy the freshest insights with production data updated as frequently as every 6 hours, and with Aria Snowflake Datashare, sidestep costs of additional Data Collection, ETL Management and Secure Data Sharing. Tailor the scope of your data effortlessly, choosing exactly what you need. And with robust data security measures from both Aria and Snowflake, your data isn’t just smart—it’s secure.

Securely access Aria billing data from Snowflake

Delivered directly to Snowflake via Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, ready for instant use in analytics and AI applications, eliminating IT costs linked to data collection and transformation processes.

Build on a stable data foundation

Data is logically abstracted to protect your Snowflake applications from Aria system updates, ensuring consistent data structures for uninterrupted business stability and Snowflake development.

Stay current with the latest billing data

When employed with Aria Data Feed get continuous updates within a 6-hour window from live production data, enabling near real-time business operations and analytical insight.

Access a comprehensive set of billing data

Select what data gets to your Snowflake instance using Aria Data configuration. Include or exclude usage, product and account transaction records, as needed.

Packaged to include all key costs

Aria Snowflake Datashare covers all costs for logical object model replication, storage and secure data sharing as part of the turn-key service.

“Merging near real-time billing data into our broader repository of business intelligence sources gives us more clarity around the impact of promotions and how customers are responding to our offerings.”


Mindbody Expands Engagement with Aria Systems and Aria Data Feed

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