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Mindbody Expands Engagement with Aria Systems and Aria Data Feed

14 September 2023

Long-time Aria Billing Cloud client can now access and merge real-time holistic billing data with existing sources of business data in their Snowflake environment to gain greater insight into performance and customer response

San Francisco, CA – September 14, 2023 Aria Systems, the leader in empowering enterprises to accelerate subscription and usage-based revenue growth, today announced that Mindbody, the leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry and an existing Aria Billing Cloud user, has activated Aria Data Feed to extract critical insights from billing data that can be used to measure the impact of marketing programs and inform strategic business decisions.

Aria Data Feed provides an always-on continuous feed of Aria billing and subscription data, integrating with a host of business intelligence, CRM, and AI applications. By feeding billing data into its Snowflake data cloud environment, Mindbody now has increased access to near real-time data for advanced reporting and business process management. The Aria and Mindbody teams worked closely throughout the implementation process to account for multiple use cases and reporting requirements across the business.

“Since selecting Aria’s cloud billing platform several years ago, the improvements in our overall billing management processes have helped us integrate new partners, introduce new offerings, and enhance customer experiences,” said Nate Terrell, Senior Manager, Business Systems for Mindbody. “As a true data-driven organization, expanding our engagement to include Aria Data Feed was an obvious choice. Merging near real-time billing data into our broader repository of business intelligence sources gives us more clarity around the impact of promotions and how customers are responding to our offerings.”

Since 2001, Mindbody has been providing online scheduling software services for gyms and workout facilities, as well as other business management solutions for the wellness services industry. The company selected Aria as part of its digital transformation and business expansion in 2018. The company has leveraged the flexibility of the Aria platform to seamlessly integrate new acquisitions, including ClassPass, a monthly subscription service for fitness classes acquired in 2021. Mindbody’s software services are used to serve 35 million consumers in 130 countries.

“The decision by Mindbody to expand our relationship by adding Aria Data Feed to the suite of services we are delivering is a direct reflection of our partnership and the trust earned over these last several years,” said Tom Dibble, President & CEO, Aria Systems. “By connecting directly into Mindbody’s Snowflake instance, we’re enhancing Mindbody’s ability to access all their data and leverage real-time billing data to better serve their customers with new offers and promotions.” 

About Aria Systems:
Aria enables enterprises to automate complex usage and subscription billing in an agile market environment. Aria Billing Cloud is top-rated by leading research firms, and innovative enterprises including Adobe, Comcast, Experian, Subaru, and Telstra depend on Aria to accelerate ideation, become customer centric, and grow recurring revenues. For more information, visit:

About Mindbody:
Mindbody is the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. With the addition of ClassPass, the leading global fitness and wellness membership service, to the Mindbody portfolio, consumers and wellness businesses around the world are easily connected through a rich wellness community. Fitness studios, salons, spas, and integrative health centers—from the newest entrepreneurs to the largest franchises—use Mindbody’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market, and grow their businesses. Consumers use Mindbody and ClassPass to choose from a broad range of wellness experiences across thousands of gyms, exercise studios and wellness providers around the globe. For more information on how Mindbody is helping people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness, visit

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