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Aria Data Extend

Transform your business into an AI and data-driven organization capable of making smarter, more informed, and automated decisions by leveraging all available business information.

Build a data driven organization

Access to comprehensive and current information is crucial for informed decision-making and business automation. Aria Data Extend seamlessly integrates your billing data with business and AI applications, providing a unified view.

Aria Data Extend periodically sends all or selected data from Aria Billing and Aria Workflow, supporting a range of reporting, analytics, and AI functions. The data can retain Aria’s original table structures or can be customized and enriched to meet specific needs, all while handling large-scale data extractions using the latest cloud technology.

Why Aria Data Extend

Access Aria data from other applications

Aria Data Extend seamlessly sends Aria Billing Cloud data to your preferred business intelligence, analytics platforms and AI/ML automation tools. Combine data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive dataset.

Transforms data

Customize your billing data into specific schemas and views that meet your precise needs for intuitive reporting and compatibility with various datasets, use cases, and applications.

Source to destination

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes. Data Extend automates the extraction, transformation, and transfer of your data, enhancing efficiency and ensuring access to the most current data.

Custom enrichment

Enhance your billing data in transit by incorporating external sources and contextual reference data to provide richer, more comprehensive datasets.

Advanced cloud performance

Data Extend efficiently handles terabytes of data at high speeds using advanced cloud technologies foundational to Aria Billing Cloud.


Aria Data Extend

Multi-format export

Supports exports of core Aria Billing and Workflow data in multiple formats, including CSV and Parquet.

Full or delta extracts

Provides options to send complete datasets or just changes, optimizing data transfer and reducing processing costs.

Custom data shaping

Configured by Aria Services, data is transformed into the specific views and formats required by your applications.

Configurable frequency

Set the operational frequency of Data Extend to suit your needs, from hourly, to daily or monthly.

Monitoring and notifications

Stay assured with a dashboard that monitors and reports on the success of all critical ETL stages.

Compliance and security

Ensure PCI and PII compliance, with sensitive PCI data automatically filtered. Data security is reinforced through direct, secure connections and robust IAM access management.

Custom configuration services

Data curation and enrichment can be precisely tailored to meet the specific demands of your applications.

Load to any destination

Pull, push or share with any destination, including data clouds, applications and AI architectures. Seamless automation options.

“Merging near real-time billing data into our broader repository of business intelligence sources gives us more clarity around the impact of promotions and how customers are responding to our offerings.”


Mindbody Expands Engagement with Aria Systems and Aria Data Feed

Analyst Viewpoint

Trend: Data and connectivity

IDC Research Director Mark Thomason took to the stage at the Aria Recur customer conference to share recent trends from vendors and enterprises. Traditional enterprises pursuing recurring revenue models and procuring disparate software platforms to support these ambitions crave easier integrations with existing and neighboring business systems along with immediate access to data.

Getting data into systems and enterprise data lakes and then extracting that data more quickly for conversion into useful and actionable insights that enable teams to “do things better” remains a pervasive challenge. Enterprises adopting new SaaS solutions want a degree of interconnectivity that enables systems to speak to one another and share data seamlessly.

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