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AI-Optimized Concept to Care

Reaching new heights in productivity and customer experience for complex subscription business models. Experience the dynamic partnership of Salesforce and Aria.

Aria Systems and Salesforce Establish Strategic Industries Partnership to Deliver New AI-Optimized Concept-to-Care SaaS Solution

Aria and Salesforce’s solution empowers communications, media, entertainment, and technology businesses to deliver scalable personalized service experiences.

Best of breed

CRM and Billing and AI

Attain unparalleled business agility with Aria Billing Cloud, now integrated with the industry-leading CRM provider, Salesforce, and its AI Cloud. Propel your enterprise to new heights, delivering bespoke, awe-inspiring experiences throughout the customer journey.

Ignite Rapid Value

Standardized integration for accelerated success

Unlock time to value with our standards-based integration. As market leaders, Aria Billing Cloud, Salesforce Customer 360 (including Salesforce Communications Cloud), and AI Cloud integrate using TM Forum Open API standards to provide a unified environment for personalized offer, order, billing and customer management.

Experience business process automation and leverage low-code configuration to streamline operations and drive innovation. Achieve faster time to market, leaving competitors behind with our comprehensive solution.

Key components:

Salesforce Customer 360 with Aria Billing Cloud Integrated

Harness the AI-Powered Revolution

Experience Generative AI efficiency

Harness the power of an AI-driven solution for groundbreaking business efficiency. By leveraging an integrated data environment fortified by an AI Trust Layer, fueled by multiple large language models, and using natural language interfaces like Einstein GPT*, forge connections like never before, empowering your business with unmatched agility and intelligence.

In addition, through integration of Einstein AI Predictions and Tableau, gain unparalleled insights and predictive capabilities, enabling informed decision-making and propelling your engagement and intelligence to new heights. Stay ahead with our transformative solution.

*Available from Q4 2023

Smart Transformation

Modernize and unify legacy environments

Integrate to your existing systems and effortlessly access or migrate valuable data through our services model. Our collaboration adheres to industry-standard open digital architectures, including TM Forum, enabling us to cater to large-scale composable architectures and embrace smart transformations.

Our platform offers Open APIs, active process orchestration, and intelligent migration practices. These features unify operations, streamline the customer experience, and empower your service representatives via a single application interface. Achieve a graceful transformation to a fully cloud-based, AI-powered, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) driven environment.

maximize revenue potential

Streamline complex subscription models

Navigate intricate monetization strategies with ease, effortlessly adjusting to personalized services and efficiently handling high-volume usage metering. Unlock the full revenue potential of your business, explore sophisticated routes to market, and cater to the diverse needs of your complex customer base.

Our solution includes support for both direct and indirect B2B2X business models, as well as partner marketplace monetization and settlement. Empower your business team to directly curate with unparalleled business agility.

Driving economic success

Unleash SaaS for cost effective go-to-markets

Embark on new business ventures or transform existing ones with confidence, knowing that the economic advantages of SaaS align IT costs with revenue and value. Harness the power of Software as a Service (SaaS) to make your go-to-markets more cost effective and feasible. Maximize profitability while minimizing IT expenditure.

Salesforce and Aria offer a true SaaS environment. Our offerings provide embedded scalability, automated software updates, zero infrastructure management, and a 100% multi-tenant configuration. With our platforms, you can focus on your business while enjoying the benefits of seamless scalability and hassle-free maintenance.

AI-Optimized Concept to Care

XaaS Monetization

The combined synergy of Aria and Salesforce brings you a comprehensive solution that supports any industry product and any anything-as-a-service (XaaS) business model. Designed to automate and streamline the entire concept-to-cash-to-care process, our solution leverages advanced AI capabilities to drive innovation and enhance customer satisfaction. It comprehensively integrates with 3rd party systems and service layers. Functionally it offers:

  • Centralized Enterprise Product and Commercial Catalogue (EPC)
  • Automated Service Configuration Management (CPQ)
  • 360° Customer Management (CRM)
  • Data Cloud with multiple LLM support for Generative AI use cases
  • Federated Industries Data Model
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Commerce Gateway
  • Commercial Order Management (COM)
  • Order Fulfillment and Orchestration
  • Complex Subscription and Granular Usage Rating
  • Real-Time Revenue Management and Bill Generation
  • Taxation and Payment Processing Integration
  • Dunning and Credit Management
  • Partner Ecosystem Enablement & Settlement
  • Business and Customer Intelligence using Tableau
  • Aria-Salesforce Mulesoft Adapters and Licenses

Accelerated time to value

Pre-built applications, product models & integrations allow enterprises and CSPs to quickly launch converged service offers, capture adaptable orders, and manage the contract lifecycle with flawless order fulfillment, billing and customer care.

Digital-first experiences that lower cost to serve

Engage and empower customers through any channel and device of choice, deliver personalized offers and loyalty-inspiring experiences. Offers guided processes, rich self-care and seamless cross channel journeys. Transact digitally at scale.

Adaptive and personalized sales order processes

Streamline the prospect-to-order curation process and improve accuracy through the consistent application of pricing and eligibility rules via any embedded or extended channel – assisted or non-assisted.

Supports any monetization model at scale

Craft commercial plans using the widest range of monetization models, from simple subscriptions to complex consumption and bundled packages that are adaptive by service and account to support highly flexible sales and customer self-build packages.

Rapid product and pricing lifecycle management

A catalogue-centric architecture enables rapid and class-leading configuration and launch of adaptive services. Provide a single control point for product definition, flexible pricing and catalog management, without SKU proliferation.

Natural language (GPT) and predictive AI tools

Get work done faster and personalize every engagement. A unified and federated Aria and Salesforce data cloud powers GPT and predictive experiences via a Trust AI layer and open Large Language Models (LLM).

Experience-centric billing and payment processes

Billing, taxations and payment processes fully integrate into the customer lifecycle process to support in-the-moment engagement. End linear billing processes with real-time proforma bill access, payment collection and service management.

Care that empowers agents, partners and customers

Provides simple management of complex accounts from order to bill to care. Comprehensive workflow processes and service management options enable agents to rectify service issues, and customers and partners to self-serve.

Expand beyond your core

Design, build and launch service offerings beyond traditional core products and services with our partner and marketplace management capabilities. Aria and Salesforce are leaders with multi-industry best-of-breed experiences, services and solutions.

Supports agile business units and routes to market

Scales to support regional business units to globally centralized multi-channel enterprises using sophisticated multi-tenant platform features. Designed to support cross group, M&A and multi-national operations including virtualized business models.

Unified, open & extendable data model for efficient decision making and governance

A extendable data model captures all relevant business information for operations, AI and business intelligence to enrich and steer the customer journey and business decisions.

Commercial SaaS delivery model

A paradigm shift in technology access offers predictable costs with the goal to connect costs to revenue, swiftly deliver, and empower users. Also offers continuous innovation through automated upgrades with zero downtime and backward capable feature enhancements.

Forget infrastructure. Designed and delivered on cloud.

From inception, we leverage the benefits of cloud technology to maximize scalability and accessibility. In-built redundancy, availability, and security management with 99.99% historic uptime, eliminates the need for infrastructure management.

Blog post

Monetizing the immersive “pop-up” retail experience

As part of an award-winning TM Forum catalyst project, Aria joined forces with leading tech companies to create the POP! Marketplace, a blueprint for a B2B2X marketplace environment. 

This catalyst demonstrated how CSPs can derive value from their network investments, while connecting partners with businesses eager to digitalize consumer experiences. By positioning themselves as intermediaries between enterprises and application vendors, CSPs can propel themselves up the value chain to take their share of the $300B experiential commerce market. 

Serving complex markets

Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

As CSPs seek to transform existing services and expand beyond their core products through partnerships, Aria and Salesforce deliver a scalable TM Forum compliant architecture for critical modernization.

Cloud BSS

Media, Entertainment and Publishing

Cultivate loyal audiences, faster. Grow advertising sales, manage media commercialization and subscriber lifecycles including efficient distribution of both digital and physical titles and assets, to streamline your operations.

Media Management


As energy providers expand their offerings to include related utilities and higher-value services like communications or home automation, our solution simplifies operations to effectively manage a diverse range of services.

Energy and Utilities Management

Technology and Manufacturing

Reduce costs and build predictable revenues with an anything-as-a-service (XaaS) business model. Unlock innovation and improve efficiency by aligning teams and technology. Increase customer lifetime value with personalised, data-driven service.

Technology Monetization

Joint Success

Customer case studies

Flexible Multi-Country NEW BSS Platform

Liberty Latin America

The integration of Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud, using TM Forum Open APIs, delivers a cloud-based BSS architecture that offers service flexibility and diversity for both consumer and enterprise products in 20 consumer markets and 30 B2B markets, replacing legacy systems.

Digital CSP and hyper-personalization

M1 Singapore

M1’s digital transformation was achieved by replacing its complex legacy estate with Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud, resulting in a modern, cloud-based BSS. The consumer MVP was launched in just nine months, with hyper-personalized services, 85% reduction in human touch on orders, and 90% self-serve transactions. This transformation made M1 a more digitally-focused service provider, improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.



Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud were swiftly deployed as a cloud-based BSS to support a new infrastructure division and replace the in-house BSS. The solution supports all North American and European entities, handling large customer accounts and invoices for enterprise and CSP data center and connectivity products. It was deployed to production in six months, achieving a key transformation goal.

Billing automation and modernization

REV Business

REV Business has selected Aria Billing Cloud to modernize and automate billing and subscription processes across all lines of business. Louisiana-based telecommunications network operator will add Aria to its best-of-breed BSS, alongside Salesforce Customer 360, as part of its broader growth and digitization initiative.

Cloud BSS Strategy


ENet, one of Guyana’s leading telecom and media providers, has selected Aria Systems for its cloud BSS strategy due to Aria’s seamless integration with Salesforce, its successful track record in telecom, and its best-in-class cloud platform.


System integrators

Aria and Salesforce have strategic relationships with these partners to jointly bring solutions to the CSP market.

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