Aria + SalesFORCE for communications

Revolutionize with Cloud BSS

Leverage market-leading AI Cloud, Billing Cloud and CRM Cloud to transform your business and BSS.

Redefining CSP Agility

Hindered by an outdated or inefficient BSS that doesn’t align with your evolving business needs? Jump-start your vision. Embrace the future with AI-driven cloud BSS — your shortcut to a modernized business that champions market flexibility and efficiency.

Sell to A market of one

Personalize at scale

Digitalization transforms how businesses engage with their customers, enabling them to personalize their products, services, and customer experiences using data and advanced technologies. By leveraging this automation and analysis, CSPs can tailor their offerings to meet individual preferences and fend off increased competition.

In addition, CSPs can use digital sales strategies, AI and flexible pricing models to reach under-served market segments, such as SMBs, and establish a co-creative relationship with their customers.

Modernize THE opportunity

Meet the moment

In today’s customer-centric landscape, delivering exceptional experiences is crucial.

Customers expect real-time communication, seamless experiences throughout their journey, proactive issue resolution, contextually relevant information, asynchronous support, loyalty-defining services and consistent information across channels. Meeting these expectations is key to building lasting customer relationships and driving satisfaction.

With 40% of customer engagement focused on the bill, integrated CRM, billing and AI experiences become central to lowering your cost-to-serve.

Telco to TECHCO

Expand and diversify

Telcos are reshaping their game, extending beyond core communications to tap into fresh revenue streams with media, industry and tech-based offerings. In parallel, they are maximizing their reach and asset value through wholesale network-as-a-service, MVNE, and reseller partnerships.

By forging new business lines and non-telco partnerships, CSPs are harnessing specialist know-how. As they expand their focus on market solutions, they must have efficient marketplace processes and systems in place if they are to thrive.


Restructure and merge

CSPs are restructuring so that they can target specific vertical markets and support new business initiatives. These units often operate with more restrictive budgets and capital than traditional telco departments, making it necessary to adopt new, efficient IT and operational models to improve viability and time to market.

The use of cloud services improves operational efficiency and enables BSS costs to be connected to revenues generated.

Data and AI Automation

Digitalize every decision

To achieve a truly customer-centric experience, it is essential to integrate data from siloed systems in a timely manner to support effective decision-making, steer business processes, and enable the implementation of advanced AI solutions.

To achieve this objective, CSPs must comprehensively review how their systems trade, process, and bring together holistic data – to enable modern AI approaches to engagement and empowerment.

Salesforce and Aria – CLOUD BSS

AI-Optimized Concept to Care

Aria and Salesforce have united to redefine agility throughout the entire concept-to-care lifecycle for CSPs. By fusing AI Cloud, Salesforce Customer 360 (including Salesforce Communications Cloud), and Aria Billing Cloud using standardized Open APIs, we provide an open, modular, and automated BSS. Together we seamlessly orchestrate customer, product, and partner management experiences.

It offers:

  • Centralized Enterprise Product and Commercial Catalogue (EPC)
  • Automated Service Configuration Management (CPQ)
  • 360° Customer Management (CRM)
  • Data Cloud with multiple LLM support for Einstein AI and GPT
  • Communications Industry Data Model
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Commerce Gateway
  • Commercial Order Management (COM)
  • Order Fulfillment and Orchestration
  • Complex Subscription and Granular Usage Rating
  • Real-Time Revenue Management and Bill Generation
  • Taxation and Payment Processing Integration
  • Dunning and Credit Management
  • Partner Ecosystem Enablement & Settlement
  • Business and Customer Intelligence using Tableau
  • TM Forum Compliant Mulesoft Adapters and Limited License
  • Mulesoft Marketplace Adapters

Open Digital Architecture Coverage

TM Forum Compliance

The TM Forum promotes componentization through its TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) manifesto. Adherence to the ODA and Open API standards enhances transformation, improves agility, and reduces vendor lock-in. The open, configurable and extensible design of ODA presents transformational growth opportunities.

Aria and Salesforce both align to ODA and Open API principles. Combined, we provide key components of party management, core commerce, intelligence and engagement management to build a robust best-of-breed BSS foundation.

Aria and Salesforce ODA Map

Business cases

Digital tranformation of middle office

Streamline concept-to-order-to-cash processes including product catalog, quoting, contracting and billing automation.

Call center transformation to digital-first support

Enable rich omni-channel self-care with controls over account, services, bill insight, cases and knowledge for optimal customer experience.

5G and software-defined network (SDN) monetization

Launch new business models when deploying 5G/SDN networks and related technologies, such as IoT and edge computing.

Diversification with media, technology and utility services

Diversify revenue streams, create opportunities for growth and enhance competitive position for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Launch new fiber and altnet services and businesses

Commercialize compelling value propositions, partnering with ecosystem players and deliver exceptional customer experience.

MVNE/A and MVNO enablement

Generate additional revenue, better utilize network infrastructure and grow network footprint through pooled infrastructure.

Launch new IoT and TechCo divisions and services

Leverage your network infrastructure, customer base, and data analytics to develop new and innovative services that meet the evolving needs and expectations of customers.

Launch digital sub-brands and business units

Target a specific market, offer a differentiated product or service, test a new market or business model, avoid brand dilution, or create a fresh market image.

Reinvigorate SMB and enterprise sales

Reach small and large businesses through streamlined and digitalized business processes for service configuration, quoting and ordering with automated billing and care.

Enable wholesale B2B2X

Open up business opportunities by offering network infrastructure and services to third-parties, such as cloud service vendors, content providers, and suppliers reliant on high-performance connectivity.

Joint Success

Customer case studies

Flexible Multi-Country NEW BSS Platform

Liberty Latin America

The integration of Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud, using TM Forum Open APIs, delivers a cloud-based BSS architecture that offers service flexibility and diversity for both consumer and enterprise products in 20 consumer markets and 30 B2B markets, replacing legacy systems.

Digital CSP and hyper-personalization

M1 Singapore

M1’s digital transformation was achieved by replacing its complex legacy estate with Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud, resulting in a modern, cloud-based BSS. The consumer MVP was launched in just nine months, with hyper-personalized services, 85% reduction in human touch on orders, and 90% self-serve transactions. This transformation made M1 a more digitally-focused service provider, improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.



Aria Billing Cloud and Salesforce Communications Cloud were swiftly deployed as a cloud-based BSS to support a new infrastructure division and replace the in-house BSS. The solution supports all North American and European entities, handling large customer accounts and invoices for enterprise and CSP data center and connectivity products. It was deployed to production in six months, achieving a key transformation goal.

Why industry SaaS?

SaaS is evolving. To penetrate vertical markets such as telecommunications and media & publishing, one-time horizontal suite providers like Salesforce are developing custom solutions and applications to meet the unique needs and requirements of these industries.  

Read our blog post to understand why software suite and point providers must strike a balance between delivering all the benefits of SaaS and the industry-focused tools and applications that businesses need. 


System integrators

Aria and Salesforce have strategic relationships with these partners to jointly bring solutions to the CSP market.

See all partners

modern billing supports emerging digital business models

Aria showcases best-of-breed Cloud BSS Solution with Salesforce at Mobile World Congress 2023

Aria, Salesforce and Capgemini jointly discuss how BSS transformation approaches are changing across the telecommunications industry.


BSS for Fiber Operators by Prodapt

Prodapt’s managed BSS platform, BoltSpeed, pre-configures an integrated Aria and Salesforce cloud BSS solution for fiber operators, enabling:

  • Enhanced fiber customer experience
  • Reduced execution risk
  • Faster time to value
  • Attractive as a Service Commercial Model

Watch the video to learn how Prodapt and Aria enabled Gigapower to launch its wholesale fiber service with a 300% faster time to market.

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