Aria Billing Studio

Aria Billing Studio seamlessly integrates Aria’s powerful billing capabilities with Salesforce Industries and their latest Billing Inquiry Manager, offering complete, end-to-end revenue management from within the Salesforce platform.

The suite also enables Salesforce to leverage critical billing data to fuel Einstein 1, enhancing productivity and customer service experiences with AI-powered insights and co-pilots.

Powers a full-spectrum
CRM + Billing + AI Solution

Aria Billing Studio is a seamless integration that transforms Salesforce into a full-spectrum CRM+Billing+AI powerhouse. Tailored for Salesforce partners and system integrators, this suite bridges the powerful capabilities of Aria Billing Cloud with Salesforce, offering complete, end-to-end revenue cycle management without leaving the Salesforce platform. It is the integration suite delivering the joint AI-Optimized Concept-to-Care monetization solution from Aria and Salesforce.

Salesforce Customer 360 with Aria Billing Cloud Integrated

Maximize the Salesforce Experience

Seamless integration, superior management

From crafting new product offerings to taking sales orders, and from enhancing customer service to generating insightful analytics, Aria Billing Studio brings it all together. It propels Salesforce’s CRM efficiency by simplifying the most common customer interaction – billing inquiries. This suite is designed to economize effort and maximize service for all stakeholders through a single touchpoint.

For Product Managers

Aria Billing Studio empowers Product Managers to oversee their product lineup directly within Salesforce's Enterprise Catalog interface, seamlessly synchronizing with Aria Billing Cloud. Aria Billing Studio also efficiently channels comprehensive product revenue data back to Salesforce Data Cloud, bolstering analytics on revenue, customers, and products.

For Customer Sales Representatives

From personalized bundles and pricing developed in Salesforce Industries CPQ to final delivery, orders are automatically relayed to Aria Billing Cloud for usage and subscription billing, including one-time charges. Aria Billing Studio also conveys crucial account activity and billing details back to Salesforce, granting sales teams and AI co-pilots a holistic customer view to enhance upselling, renewals, and service renegotiations, including adjustments to rates and plans.

For Customer Service Representatives

Armed with Salesforce Customer 360 and AI co-pilots, CSRs have unfettered access to billing information, payment histories and current balances, crucial for addressing the most common call center queries. AI co-pilots provide analytical support to generate, curate, and relay highly productive insight and recommendations to CSRs or customers. With direct links to Aria, CSRs can adeptly manage billing, credits, and payments, swiftly resolving customer issues and disputes, all facilitated by a single sign-on.

For Billing Assurance Managers

Aria Billing Studio supplies operational billing data from Aria Billing Cloud into Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein 1, offering exhaustive insights into billing and revenue assurance via Salesforce Tableau or other analytics platforms. When combined with Salesforce data, siloed and heavy data ETL processes are a thing of the past.

Aria Billing Studio

Full revenue lifecycle integration

This powerful suite oversees the entire revenue lifecycle, from product catalog management to customer care. Its modular design covers four critical integration points.

Syncronization of Enterprise Product Catalog

Synchronize the Enterprise Product Catalog with Aria Billing Cloud. Seamlessly sync product updates and commercial changes from the Salesforce Industries Enterprise Product Catalog to Aria Billing Cloud via standardized APIs. This enables a fluid exchange of information, ensuring consistency across platforms.

Syncronization of orders and accounts

Effortlessly dispatch accounts and orders captured in Salesforce Industries, including Industry CPQ, with personalized services and pricing to Aria Billing Cloud for billing. Billing can start once orders are deemed to be complete, streamlining subscriber fulfillment and assurance operations.

Exchange of billing data

Aria Data tools deliver detailed customer account, product, and billing information to the Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein 1. This integration facilitates comprehensive enterprise reporting, AI-assisted insights, complete account views, and billing assurance. Data options include invoices, payments, invoice forecasts, usage, account change tracking, cost and acquisition data, and product metrics to enhance customer service, predict churn, and inform strategic decisions.

AI-powered Billing Inquiry Manager

Manage customer billing inquiries seamlessly in Salesforce Industries applications, including Billing Inquiry Manager. Access all billing details—past, present, and future—including balances, subscriptions, and disputes. Leverage a complete AI-powered Customer 360 for ultra-efficient inquiry management through Salesforce GUI and natural language prompts.

Aria Billing Studio delivers:

“Aria’s seamless integration with Salesforce has brought together our full revenue cycle. It has increased our efficiency by simplifying the most common customer interaction – billing.”

Vishok Persaud, CEO of ENet



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