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Aria Data Feed

Build a data-driven organization that makes smarter, informed decisions using all available business information. Aria Data Feed sends Aria data continuously to your favorite intelligence solution.

Build a data-driven organization

Access to holistic and up-to-date information is essential to steer your decision-making and automate your business. A host of business intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM), and AI applications rely on information from multiple sources. Aria Data Feed is designed to send your monetization data to these applications to build that holistic picture.

It provides an always-on, continuous feed of all or select business data as it changes for non-latency applications to deliver an up-to-date business picture. Aria Data Feed offers a contrast to traditional approaches where data is extracted via scheduled batch jobs or repeated API pull requests, ultimately disabling true data-driven discovery and automation.


Why Aria Data Feed

Access Aria data from other applications

Use your Aria data in other applications, from your favorite analytics and data lakes solution, to CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and AI/ML automation products. Merge data with other sources to build and use a holistic dataset.

A continuous feed of data as it changes

Your applications will automatically receive data that has changed without having to poll Aria. This enables continuous extract, transform and load (ETL) for CRM tools, time-based analysis, and AI/ML learning. You can be selective about what data you receive.

Available on-demand

Aria Data Feed is an on-demand service option within your Aria platform. Simply subscribe via an Aria web service API with secure authentication tokens, and you are ready to receive data.

case study

Global IoT and home automation player

This customer continuously merged Aria data with other business data in its preferred Snowflake data lake to provide a constantly updated:

• 360° business view
• Trend analysis
• Anomaly detection
• Payment quality monitoring


Aria Data Feed

Full data management using industry standards

Sends JSON over HTTPS using unified server-sent event (SSE) services. One unified load stream enables a total refresh of your data. A second unified change stream sends data objects that have changed.

Data abstraction for application stability

Data is abstracted into a logical data model enabling lifecycle stability for your applications and backward compatibility with the launch of new features.

Select data objects to distribute

Configure Aria to include as much or as little of your Aria data set to be sent. Have full control to change this any time you want. Turn data feed on and off as needed.

Total data orchestration

Combine Aria Data Feed with Aria Active Orchestration for a modern and integrated IT architecture that is end-to-end autonomous.

Learn more about Aria Integration

case study

Global healthcare provider

This customer continuously extracts, transforms and loads Aria data for the following business applications:

  • CRM; configure, price, quote (CPQ); ERP
  • Revenue assurance
  • Fraud discovery
  • Search-index building

Analyst Viewpoint

Trend: Data and connectivity

IDC Research Director Mark Thomason took to the stage at the Aria Recur customer conference to share recent trends from vendors and enterprises. Traditional enterprises pursuing recurring revenue models and procuring disparate software platforms to support these ambitions crave easier integrations with existing and neighboring business systems along with fast access to data.

Getting data into systems and enterprise data lakes and then extracting that data faster for conversion into useful and actionable insights that enable teams to “do things better” remains a pervasive challenge. Enterprises adopting new SaaS solutions want a degree of interconnectivity that enables systems to speak to one another and share data seamlessly.

“The implementation of Aria’s billing and monetization platform, a key milestone in our broader digital transformation, will help us meet the expanding data connectivity demands of our customers today and in the future.”

Ciaran Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, EXA

EXA Infrastructure Completes Implementation of Aria Systems’ Cloud Billing and Monetization Platform

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