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With Aria, you can build an end-to-end, zero-touch IT architecture that is seamless, data-oriented and autonomous.

Aria Active Orchestration

Aria Billing Cloud is an API-oriented platform. It can run headless – interoperating with external applications to enable an end-to-end, autonomous IT environment that eliminates duplicate effort, encourages total business process automation and reduces operational risk.

It offers a full suite of tools called Aria Active Orchestration for both asynchronous and synchronous integration. Built on top of Aria Active Orchestration are connectors and SDKs to Aria partner products, AI systems (including Generative AI solutions), applications and gateways to accelerate time-to-market, offer best practices and lower the cost of integration.

Integration mechanisms

Aria APIs

Over 360 APIs provide read-and-write access to your entire Aria environment in REST and SOAP formats. They are organized in discreet functions, perpetually versioned and permanently backward compatible. They can be used for transactional and bulk actions, including the synchronization of the product catalog and customer accounts.

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Aria outbound events

Aria can generate over 240 events for a wide variety of uses – from customer and stakeholder communications to service provisioning and entitlement management. Each event is triggered in real time upon new or modified data and contains actionable payloads. Aria offers the ability to configure new events using Aria Workflow.

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Aria AI Datashare

Enriching Generative AI systems with customer billing, product and performance context for enhanced customer service experiences and business management. Enables both prompt enrichment or direct LLM training. Metadata context, security and privacy are at the heart of these controls.

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Aria file processing

Aria can process and generate data files containing bulk data. As standard, it offers over 50 pre-built data extracts with flexibility to configure additional extracts. A fully configurable ETL can automate the loading and extraction of data in different formats with definable frequency and scheduling.

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Aria Data Feed

Aria Data Feed provides an always-on, continuous feed of all or select business data as it changes in Aria to applications such as business intelligence, AI and ETL tools via a single asynchronous stream. Aria Data Feed comes with connectors to common datalake solutions like Snowflake and Databricks.

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Aria inbound eventing

Aria can actively operate as part of an asynchronous event-driven architecture. It can actively listen to event queues and process payloads in real time. This enables loosely coupled architectures that demand scalability and low-cost distribution of events. This capability is supported by Aria Workflow.

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Aria object extensibility

Active Orchestration leverages object extensibility within Aria Billing Cloud, enabling core data objects to be extended with full typed parameters to provide linkage to systems, devices and people. These objects are available for use by all APIs and events.

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Aria usage broker

Aria Usage Broker is a high-performance pre-processor to clean, convert and direct usage data for Aria usage rating and processing. It validates critical identifiers and parameters to ensure processing with advanced reporting to support revenue assurance.

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Aria smart payment processor

Enables third parties to build connectors to Aria Billing and access advanced payment management features, including fraud management and automated credit card updates. It supports intelligent payment processing routing for payment assurance.

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Aria universal data lake connector

The Connector uses the latest industry standard Parquet Data Format to connect to all compliant Data Lake providers, including Databricks, RedShift and Snowflake.

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Connectors and SDKs

Business and Channel Support Systems

  • Salesforce App
    A full application for customer sales and support and is built on Classic and to access and manage Aria Cloud Billing capabilities.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Connector
    A suite of Mulesoft connectors to access Aria Billing Cloud. Available on Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange.
  • TM Forum Open APIs
    A suite of TM Forum-compliant open APIs to support the telecoms Open Digital Framework initiative. Learn more.
  • ServiceNow Connectors
    A ServiceNow-to-Aria connector suite available in ServiceNow Marketplace for ServiceNow customer billing support functions.
  • CloudSense
    Integration suite for CloudSense Configure Price Quote solution.
  • Calvi Insight
    An integration suite for bill and statement presentment and portal.

Embedded Payment and Tax Connectors

  • Fully integrated tax processing:
    OneSource (Thomson Reuters)
  • Fully integrated payment processing:
    DIBS Payment Services (DT)
    First Data PayPoint
    NETS Collect
    PayFlow Pro
    Pay Junction
    Paypal Express Checkout

Data and Service Management Systems

  • Snowflake Datashare
    Aria Snowflake Datashare delivers all your Aria data into Snowflake for direct access and aggregation.
  • Thales
    Integration to Thales and Gemalto for license and entitlement management and processing.
  • Matrixx
    An SDK to support integration to Matrixx CCS for real-time network service management and charging.
  • Amdocs (Openet)
    An SDK to support integration to Amdocs Openet for real-time network service management and charging.
    An integration suite for Softrax revenue recognition.
  • Zilliant
    Integration to the Zilliant price optimization engine for surge and marketplace price management.

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