Aria for Salesforce

Maximize selling and support in your recurring revenue business with Aria for Salesforce

Add the power of Aria to the familiarity of Salesforce

Aria for Salesforce puts everything your sales and support teams need to grow and manage the recurring revenue Wall Street rewards. The most current products, services, promotions, and discounts. The complete 360-degree view of customers and their activity. Bi-directional synchronization of all changes, a plan wizard for guided selling, and full customer account history mean the data your teams need is always at their fingertips in Salesforce.

Maximize Selling

Aria for Salesforce includes a Plan Wizard for guided selling to configure, price, and quote orders, create accounts and accept payment. Saved quotes create opportunities and can be included in pipeline reporting and forecasts. Booked orders flow through order management and into a recurring billing cycle. By encapsulating best practices, Aria for Salesforce can often eliminate the need for a separate CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution.

Maximize the Support Experience

Aria for Salesforce maximizes the support experience your customers receive and the support team’s efficiency by providing a 360 degree view of your customers’ current activity and account history. You control what team members can view, enter, or update ranging from account information and payment methods to payments, refunds, credits, and write-offs.

Empower Sales Operations

Effective Salesforce admins and operations personnel raise the performance level of your sales and support teams. Aria for Salesforce is fully configurable so sales operations can control field mapping, which Aria plans are available in Salesforce, the flow of the Plan Wizard and even add custom visual force pages to the Wizard. And most importantly, configure how revenue moments will prompt sales and support team members to engage customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Enterprise-Grade, Hassle-Free

Aria for Salesforce is built on and the Saleforce1 platform with a SDK available. As a managed package, Aria for Salesforce includes full 2-way SSL security, bi-directional synchronization, and full reporting. Accelerate the growth of your recurring revenue business with Aria, Salesforce, and Aria for Salesforce.

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