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Blog SaaS

Enterprises Still Love SaaS, but Now Want Apps and Tools Designed to Meet Their Unique Industry Needs

The Software-as-a-Service - or SaaS - business model has been around for decades. In the past decade, however, it has achieved true ubiquity as enterprises of all kinds have embraced the opportunity to have near-immediate access to a wide range of critical business applications, without having to shell out significant dollars in hardware costs or endure complex technical integrations.

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Blog Billing & Monetization

Latest IDC MarketScape Underscores the Disparate Subscription Management Needs of Large Enterprises and SMBs

With a keen recognition of the critical link between subscription management, billing platforms and recurring revenue success, award winning analyst firm IDC keeps a watchful eye on trends and vendor solutions in the subscription industry. The latest IDC MarketScape – which once again names Aria a Leader – identifies some of the themes impacting and driving behaviors in the broadening subscription ecosystem:

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Blog Recurring Revenue

Digital Businesses Need Enhanced Payment Processing and Recovery Capabilities to Reduce Churn and Lost Revenue from Failed Payments

As enterprises of all kinds continue to migrate towards digital business models and usage-based subscription service offerings, the need for a modern and robust payment processing capability becomes even more pronounced. Online payments for subscription services were once limited to a handful of credit or debit cards. Today, the explosion of digital and peer-to-peer payment...

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Blog Media & Publishing
Real growth in reader revenues in dependent on digital transformation and a shift in mindset

Driving Growth and Accelerating Revenue in Today’s Publishing Sector Requires the Adoption of a Digital Mindset

In just a few short years, digital readership of newspapers, books, magazines, and other forms of written content will finally eclipse traditional print. To grow revenue and remain competitive, publishers will need to digitize their business models and introduce new subscription options that appeal to and cater for the consumption wishes of a more diverse set of audiences, if they haven’t already. 

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