Information Technology Solution

Information Technology Solution

Let Aria effectively manage your monetization platform. Integrate seamlessly using out-of-the-box APIs and connectors, then deploy with confidence on Aria’s enterprise-grade cloud. Get the benefits of carrier-grade components with the flexibility, scalability, and pricing of a SaaS based solution.

Deploy with Confidence

Speed up your deployment by leveraging Aria configuration capabilities, clicking boxes and buttons instead of writing lengthy lines of code. Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of integration with Aria’s out-of-the-box integrations and connectors and a massive set of integration API’s. Aria can deploy your system wherever you want, including in your data center behind your firewalls. Eliminate the need to purchase and setup hardware, monitor capacity, and manage component software licenses.

Configure, Don’t Code

Aria empowers business users to extend Aria’s capability with simple configuration changes rather than needing IT to step in and code solutions. This saves you both time and money. Aria Active Orchestration makes system-to-system integrations simple, putting business logic within Aria so you don’t need to recode every system Aria talks to and modify it when your business process change. With Aria, you can redeploy costly IT resources where they add more value and grow your business.

Always Available

Aria’s enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure delivers an industry-leading 99.9% availability. We manage the operational risk of keeping the system running to spec so that you can focus on vendor and customer relationships instead of release cycles, hardware refreshes, and bug fixes. Rest assured knowing that your data is safe and secure in Aria’s Tier 4 PCI and EU Safe Harbor -certified data center environment, fully encrypted both at-rest and in-transit.

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