Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Aria lets you maximize the benefits of recurring revenue while minimizing your financial risk. You will be able to accurately allocate and recognize revenue, ensure proper financial controls are in place, and integrate instantly with your existing financial and reporting systems.

Accurately Allocate and Recognize Revenue

The choice is yours: Push the necessary data to your financial systems of record to support revenue recognition or configure Aria’s built-in revenue recognition capabilities to meet your unique requirements. Meet current GAAP and IFRS rules with the flexibility to transition to future FASB/IASB standards.

Provide Accurate and Auditable Results

Have the data you need at your fingertips to monitor business performance, measure growth, and support budgeting and forecasting with Aria’s customizable analytics and reporting tools or feed data from Aria to your existing BI solution. Track all system activity through Aria’s extensive audit trails. Maintain separation of duties with Aria’s role-based security. Easily provide proof of processes and results when auditors come calling.

Maximize Your Existing System Investments

Aria’s built-in integrations and connectors make connecting with most leading financial, tax, and reporting systems safe and easy while extending the monetization capabilities you need for your recurring revenue business. Our customers use SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Workday and other programs as their financial systems of record. You probably do too. Aria integrates seamlessly with all of them. This brings you all the benefits of recurring revenue, including the predictable cash flow and consistent results that unlock unparalleled growth.

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