Business Manager Solution

Business Manager Solution

You need to launch new products and initiatives faster. You need flexibility so you can easily respond to changing customer preferences. You need agility to disrupt your competition, grow your business, master your markets, and track your progress along the way. Accelerate the growth of your business with Aria's business management solutions.

Launch Products, Promotions, and Offers Quickly

Aria makes it easy to launch new products as fast as your internal approvals can go. To display current offerings, your websites and self-service apps access the Aria product catalog directly. This means that whenever you create a new offering, those websites and apps update automatically, in real-time. You can repackage and re-price services in hours or days, not weeks or months, to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions. Aria’s unlimited monetization models and market segmentation capabilities provide you the flexibility to make more money faster. Target occasional users with a special price point and model. Increase share-of-wallet with volume pricing models and family plans. Aria supports all of these and much more without involving IT, thereby reducing costs and eliminating bottlenecks and resource conflicts.

Maximize Lifetime Value Through Experience and Personalization

You can provide a seamless customer experience across your websites, self-service apps, and assisted channels, including CRM and support. You accomplish this by keeping customer data in-sync across all your systems. Aria makes maintaining this unified customer view easy with Active Orchestration that broadcasts customer changes to keep relevant systems up to date. Aria also personalizes how you engage customers so you can enhance the customer experience and automatically trigger enticing cross-sell, upsell, and promotional opportunities.

Grow Your Business

Aria provides the product line and recurring revenue metrics you need to grow your business. Reports on MRR, ARR, churn, and earned, deferred, or recognized revenue can be calculated by product line, business unit, and more. Information on business performance or the success of your latest promotion is only a click away.

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