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Stampen Media Implements Aria Systems’ Usage & Subscription Billing Platform and Begins Migrating Digital and Print Subscribers

27 September 2022

Following a year of record results, Swedish media group now using Aria’s Media & Publishing Suite to propel additional subscription revenue growth as part of its digital transformation

San Francisco, CA – September 27, 2022 – Aria Systems, the leader in helping enterprises grow subscription and usage-based revenue, today announced that Stampen Media, one of Sweden’s largest media groups, has successfully implemented its cloud-based billing platform and has begun migrating print and digital subscribers to the new platform. In addition to the core platform for billing and subscription management, Stampen Media is leveraging the Aria Media and Publishing Suite (AMPS), the extension designed to support both the digital and the physical subscription needs of media and publishing companies. Aria expects to complete the migration of all Stampen Media subscribers across its 12 subscribed media titles by early next year.

With the successful go-live, Stampen Media now has access to customer management tools that allow service representatives to manage all customer subscriptions and execute any changes more easily. Stampen Media customers can manage their accounts via new user self-service capabilities and activate new subscriptions online.

“As our digital subscriber base continues to grow, Aria’s platform gives us the ability to manage, invoice, and service both print and digital customers in a centralized, modernized environment,” said Hanna Månsson, Head of Subscriptions at Stampen Media. “We are looking forward to leveraging the full power and capability of the Aria platform to accelerate revenue growth from both print and digital subscribers.”

Stampen Media delivers engaging high-quality journalism and local news to more than one million readers via its 12 subscription-based newspaper titles. The largest title, Göteborgs-Posten, with over 130,000 paid subscribers, was recently awarded Sweden’s Newspaper of the Year for 2022. The media company enjoyed record growth in 2021 with a 23% increase in digital subscriptions, a 34% increase in digital circulation revenues, and a 34% boost in digital advertising revenue. Stampen Media is majority owned by Polaris Media, a Norwegian media company also using Aria and AMPS.

“The go-live with Stampen Media further establishes Aria as the modern billing platform of choice for media and publishing companies looking to manage both digital and print subscriptions together,” said Tom Dibble, President & CEO, Aria Systems. “Coming off their year of record revenue, we are excited to continue working with Stampen Media to help drive subscription revenues to new heights.”

Aria will provide consultative services via its Technical Account Management subscription offering throughout the migration process and as Stampen Media adds new titles and services.

About Aria Systems:
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About Stampen Media:
Stampen Media is one of Sweden’s largest media groups. Stampen Media includes a number of media houses with strong positions in news media, digital media and distribution. The group includes the twelve subscribed morning newspapers Göteborgs-Posten, TTELA, Hallands Nyheter, Hallandsposten, Bohusläningen, Strömstads Tidning, Alingsås Tidning, Partille Tidning, Kungälvs-Posten, Kungsbacka-Posten, Mölndals-Posten and ST-tidningen.

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