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Aria Systems Launches Real-Time Data Streaming Service to Help Enterprise Clients Make Timely and Intelligent Business Decisions

24 June 2021

Clients can now merge billing and subscription management data with other data sources to create actionable reporting and analytics

San Francisco, CA – June 24, 2021Aria Systems, the leader in helping enterprises grow subscription and usage-based revenue, today announced the launch of Aria Data Streaming – a new service that enables Aria enterprise clients to generate deeper predictive insights about customer behavior. By accessing data from the Aria billing and monetization platform in real-time, and merging it with existing data sources, Aria clients are able to leverage machine learning, AI, and business intelligence platforms to make analytics-led decisions.

Unprecedented market shifts have accelerated the demand for streaming data that can be integrated, processed, and combined with data across the enterprise to produce automated actions in response to events. IDC’s 2021 SaaSPath survey of 2,135 IT and business decision makers ranks data management capabilities among the top-three priorities for subscription management platform users.[i] Aria’s highly scalable, data streaming service responds to this demand.

“To be successful in today’s subscription-based economy, enterprises need a billing platform that can derive customer behavior insights from a wide array of available transaction data,” said Mark Thomason, IDC Research Director. “The ability to access billing data in real-time and merge that data with other rich data sources is a big step forward. The businesses that have the most timely access to rich data are the ones that will be best equipped to make informed business decisions and drive new revenue opportunities.”

Aria streams data from its platform as changes occur, allowing clients to easily populate their data lakes and warehouses where it can be used to generate insights such as predictive customer churn, customer lifetime value, and more.  The service is repository-agnostic and streams data for all financial transactions that occur within the Aria platform.

“Progressive enterprises across all industries understand the power of data-driven decisions,” said Tom Dibble, President and CEO at Aria Systems. “Aria Data Streaming pumps transaction data into client repositories in real-time, a level of automation that no other billing platform can offer today. Clients can now leverage business intelligence tools in combination with the Aria platform to notify decision makers about changes happening inside their business, yielding new customer insights and opportunities.”

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Aria Systems’ cloud-agnostic monetization platform is the analysts’ choice, top ranked by leading research firms. Innovative enterprises like Adobe, Allstate, Comcast, Subaru, and Telstra depend on Aria to accelerate time to market and increase flexibility, enabling them to maximize customer value, and grow recurring revenue through subscription and usage-based offerings. For more information, visit:

i: IDC’s SaaSPath Survey, 2021: Executive Summary Doc #US47676221, May 2021

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