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Aria Systems Invited to Present at Annual Gathering of Europe’s Largest Telecommunications Providers

27 April 2022

Presentation will showcase successes from non-telco industries and demonstrate how a public cloud billing system can enable telcos to modernize existing services and generate recurring revenue from new adaptive offerings

San Francisco, CA – April 27, 2022Aria Systems, the leader in helping enterprises grow subscription and usage-based revenue, has been invited to speak at the ETIS Community Gathering 2022. The annual meeting, to be hosted in Rome, Italy, will feature 24 of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers. Aria Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Brendan O’Brien will offer perspective as to how telcos can leverage the modern capabilities of a public cloud/native SaaS billing platform to solve their billing and charging challenges, modernize existing services, and generate recurring revenue from new and personalized service bundles, as Aria customers in other industries have successfully done.

“Telcos today recognize the opportunity to introduce new services, forge new partnerships, and deepen relationships with subscribers, but they are hampered by the continued presence of their inflexible and outdated billing systems,” said O’Brien. “We are proud and honored to have been invited to speak to the ETIS community and look forward to helping European telcos understand not only how a modern billing platform can help accelerate recurring revenue growth and improve business performance, but also how native SaaS solutions eliminate the persistent and costly burden of ‘upgrade ineligibility’ that has plagued them for decades.”

ETIS is a nonprofit organization bringing together major telecommunications providers from 19 European countries to share knowledge and solve problems in a trusted environment. Aria is a supporting party of ETIS and a contributor to both the Smart Charging and Payments and Digital Telco Strategy working groups. In addition to illustrating the benefits of a cloud billing solution, Aria’s presentation in Rome will feature examples taken from other industries, showcasing how the company’s modern and agile platform has helped companies digitally transform their business models.

“With its multi-industry experience, Aria is well suited to help our telco partners address and solve billing and payments challenges and capitalize on new market opportunities,” said Michele Lalic, Communications and Project Manager at ETIS. “We are pleased to have Aria join ETIS and are confident they will bring great value and insights to the discussions – all of which we believe will greatly benefit our telco partners.”

About Aria Systems:
Aria Systems’ native public cloud monetization platform is the analysts’ choice, top ranked by leading research firms. Innovative enterprises like Adobe, Allstate, Comcast, Subaru, and Telstra depend on Aria to accelerate time to market and increase flexibility, enabling them to maximize customer value, and grow recurring revenue through subscription, usage-based, and one-time offerings. For more information, visit: 

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