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Blog Customer Experience

Why Subscription Fatigue isn’t to Blame for your Churn Rate

Subscription fatigue is commonly understood to refer to the feelings of overwhelm and frustration that consumers may experience when managing multiple subscriptions, which can lead to them cancelling their subscriptions. When the topic is covered in the media, it is usually in relation to entertainment streaming platforms, but it can also apply to a range of other services, including FMCG, and there is anecdotal evidence that subscription fatigue exists in the B2B world too.  

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Blog Communications

Existing Billing and Back Office Systems Cannot Support New Telco Strategies – It’s Time for a Transformation

CSPs around the world are on a journey toward digitization. They are transforming their businesses to decrease their reliance on commoditized connectivity as the main driver of revenue and to pursue opportunities to introduce new products and services to consumer and enterprise subscribers. In recent years, they have made massive investments to build programmable 5G networks. Now is the time to recoup.

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Blog Information Technology

Closing the Digital Divide Part 2: How Tech Companies are Stepping Up

People living in areas of the world where technology, connected devices, and reliable connectivity are not readily available or affordable are simply unable to keep pace with a modernizing and digitizing world. It has been widely established that a lack of access to technology limits educational and employment opportunities, reduces the availability of health information and services, and generally leads to a lower quality of life. It's called the digital divide and it is a problem that has become more pervasive as internet usage continues to expand.

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Blog SaaS

Enterprises Still Love SaaS, but Now Want Apps and Tools Designed to Meet Their Unique Industry Needs

The Software-as-a-Service - or SaaS - business model has been around for decades. In the past decade, however, it has achieved true ubiquity as enterprises of all kinds have embraced the opportunity to have near-immediate access to a wide range of critical business applications, without having to shell out significant dollars in hardware costs or endure complex technical integrations.

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Blog Billing & Monetization

Latest IDC MarketScape Underscores the Disparate Subscription Management Needs of Large Enterprises and SMBs

With a keen recognition of the critical link between subscription management, billing platforms and recurring revenue success, award winning analyst firm IDC keeps a watchful eye on trends and vendor solutions in the subscription industry. The latest IDC MarketScape – which once again names Aria a Leader – identifies some of the themes impacting and driving behaviors in the broadening subscription ecosystem:

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