Partner Logo Usage

These Partner Branding Guidelines are designed for Aria Systems’ partner ecosystem. To effectively demonstrate their affiliation with Aria, partners can utilize our logo in a manner that is informative and aligns with our brand. ​

It is crucial for partners to comply with all guidelines, including those specifically related to our corporate logo, when incorporating the Aria brand into their marketing strategies.​

The Aria Systems logo

The Aria logo embodies a minimalist and contemporary design, utilizing sleek shapes and colors that represent our company’s professional image. It is preferable to utilize the full color logo. However, in situations where it may not be suitable, one of the alternative versions can be used. To ensure clarity and readability, the ”full color logo” should only be placed on a white or light background, and the ”black & white” and  “full color logo negative” logos should only appear on colored backgrounds. ​

Incorrect logo usage

It is important to follow the guidelines outlined for the proper usage of the Aria Systems logo. Any unauthorized modifications or improper utilization of the logo not only compromise brand recognition but also pose a risk to its legal trademark status. Examples on the right are common logo misuses that must be avoided at all costs.

Co-branded logo usage

In co-branded materials led by Aria Systems, the Aria logo is positioned on the left side, while the partner logo is placed on the right side. Conversely, in partner-led co-branded materials, the partner logo takes the left position, and the Aria logo is placed on the right side. It is crucial that all logos are displayed with equal size and centered alignment both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, the divider should be black when placed on light backgrounds and white when placed on darker backgrounds.​

Product screenshots

To ensure compliance with the guidelines for the usage of Aria Systems’ software, screenshots should not be modified, except for resizing or redacting sensitive information. Obtain permission from third parties before using screenshots that contain their content. Avoid using screenshots that include identifiable individuals or personally identifiable information. Clearly indicate the ownership of the product in both the screenshot and its accompanying context.​

These guidelines are applicable when utilizing Aria’s software screenshots for educational tutorials or to demonstrate integration with their product.​


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