Enriching generative aI systems

Aria AI Datashare

Enriching Generative AI systems with billing, product and performance information to deliver enhanced customer service and business management.

Enriching Generative AI

Unleash the potential of Generative AI with Aria AI Datashare, a vital solution for seamlessly integrating your Aria Billing data with LLM (Large Language Models). By leveraging intelligent datasets, Aria AI Datashare enriches Generative AI solutions with contextual billing information, empowering you to optimize customer interactions and business performance.

Aria AI Datashare is designed to enrich Generative AI systems with contextual billing data.

With both prompt enrichment or direct LLM training configurations, you are in control of your data and how it is used. In either configuration, Aria AI Datashare enables the creation of precise and informed responses for GPT prompts, covering customer bills, service recommendations, and business evaluation. The comprehensive dataset encompasses essential elements such as account subscription and payment details, business and product configurations, and billing performance statistics.

designed for

Supreme experiences

Designed to serve three distinct personas, Aria AI Datashare unlocks a myriad of efficiency and productivity gains.

End Customers

Retail consumers, businesses and resellers can conveniently access billing information and seek personalized advice about billing, plans or services through prompts. Natural language GPT self-assist is a powerful mechanism for reducing the cost to serve.

Customer Service Agents

Empower customer service and sales representatives with powerful co-pilot prompts to efficiently explain bills and suggest optimal products, packages, and offers. This tool enhances sales efficiency, resolves customer issues effectively, and minimizes churn.

Product Managers and Operations

The product management office can leverage smart prompts to gain valuable insights and evaluate product offerings and customer bases. Empowered with recommendations, they can devise effective retention solutions, drive innovation in new products, and enhance existing offers and processes.

Design Specific

Datasets for Generative AI

The intelligent datasets provided by Aria AI Datashare are curated through configurable controls. These controls provide for:

Contextual Metadata and Annotations

Data provided with business context enhances LLM understanding and retrieval capabilities. This ensures that the answers generated are relevant and accurate.


Categorized datasets enable information access control by domain and business area, assisting prompt engines and LLM in retrieving specific information by role.

Comprehensive Information

Curate information breadth by timeline, topic, and client type to support diverse prompt-building use cases while ensuring appropriate restrictions.

Structured and Unstructured Data

Build prompts and rich answers in different formats by including both structured and unstructured data in responses (eg. bill PDF, notification sent, etc).

Regular Updates

The datasets are regularly updated (never more than 24 hours old) to keep models and prompt enrichment aligned with the latest information.

Flexible Data Cloud Options

Additionally, Aria AI Datashare facilitates easy access to these intelligent datasets through multiple cloud data platform options.

On-demand Service

As a SaaS product, gain immediate access to the Aria AI Datashare service, bypassing extended deployment and ETL processes.

Privacy and Compliance

Robust client-specific security measures are in place to safeguard PII and regulate data access to prioritize privacy and meet compliance requirements.

Security and privacy are at the heart of these controls

These controls enable qualified third-party generative AI systems to securely access billing-related information while ensuring data confidentiality. Client data is protected before and after the interaction, leaving behind only what is desired to best serve your needs and those of your customers. Unleash the efficiency and effectiveness of leveraging secure and contextual billing information in your AI-driven customer and business interactions using Aria AI Datashare.

“Did you know that 40% of customer service requests relate to billing and payments? Ensuring confidence and trust in Generative AI’s ability to provide accurate and valuable responses is crucial for enhancing efficiency in this domain.”

Brendan O'Brien, CIO and Co-founder, Aria Systems

Salesforce AI Cloud

Proven through partnership

Aria proudly partners with Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, to optimize customer service in relation to billing information – the focus of 40% of inbound customer inquiries for many organizations.

Salesforce AI Cloud uses Aria AI Datashare to access crucial billing data, enhancing customer experiences, CSR productivity, and operational intelligence. By feeding Salesforce AI Cloud essential billing data, it enriches prompts for LLM to facilitate prompt-based exchanges, decreasing cost-to-serve KPIs, while significantly improving personalization, accuracy, and response times.

Aria and Salesforce use Generative AI to improve efficiency and productivity for every stakeholder in the lifecycle.

This combination of Billing, CRM, and AI transforms subscription service businesses and empowers critical personnel to engage with data in a revolutionary way.

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