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Aria Systems Launches Billing Data Solution for Generative AI Platforms

1 August 2023

Aria AI Datashare integrates billing data with Large Language Models (LLM) for enhanced customer interactions in relation to next best actions, retention models and upsell opportunities

San Francisco, CA – August 1, 2023Aria Systems, the leader in empowering enterprises to accelerate subscription and usage-based revenue growth, today announces the launch of Aria AI Datashare. This new capability enriches Generative AI and LLM with key billing data, including customer details, product offering information, and revenue operations performance statistics. Integrated into Aria Billing Cloud, Aria’s AI Datashare generates contextually rich information, specifically for GPT prompt enrichment and LLM training, enabling Generative AI to respond with more personalized and accurate customer inquiries relating to bills and service recommendations. This results in significantly faster and more successful service conclusions. Additionally, Aria AI Datashare enables business operations teams to evaluate product and revenue performance, providing suggestions for the optimization of products, services and revenue.

“For many organizations, over 40 percent of inbound customer service inquiries relate to billing and payments,” noted Brendan O’Brien, CIO and Co-founder of Aria Systems. “Now, Aria users implementing AI in their customer engagement strategies can integrate intelligent billing data assets into their platforms. This facilitates the generation of precise and timely responses to customer inquiries, leading to a more tailored customer experience.”

Aria AI Datashare empowers various roles within customer service-focused enterprises. Customer service agents, sales agents and partners can utilize AI to efficiently answer billing-related questions, while also suggesting products and packages that align with the customer’s profile. In addition, product managers and operations teams can gain insights from the wealth of billing data available, allowing them to evaluate and enhance current offerings. This data also aids in the development of innovative new products and services, as well as the formulation of effective customer retention strategies.

“Enterprises across all industries are actively exploring the best ways to harness AI to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction, while boosting productivity and reducing costs,” said O’Brien. “Aria AI Datashare significantly uplifts the value and efficacy of any organization’s generative AI strategy by making billing data readily accessible to AI platforms.”

Aria AI Datashare has been developed to provide meaningful data support to any generative AI platform, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. When provided to platforms that already have direct access to critical datasets that are ‘adjacent’ to billing, like Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, that access to combined billing, CRM, and EPC data empowers users to enhance customer engagement experiences, decrease reliance on human resources, and improve both productivity and accuracy. Furthermore, product operations can harness the impressive potential of Generative AI to elevate performance and fast-track revenue growth in subscription-based businesses.

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