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How to Maximize the ROI of Aria Billing Cloud to Accelerate Recurring Revenue Success

Jeff Lamos

11 January 2023

Any car owner can appreciate the value of having a mechanic at the ready to quickly address any problems that might render the vehicle non-functional. Savvier owners, however, also recognize the importance of preventive care and maintenance that can identify any issues before they become a problem and ensure optimal performance.  

The same is true in the world of enterprise platforms. While on-demand support in a pinch is crucial, companies that continuously access the expertise of the provider to fully understand and leverage the features and capabilities of the platform enjoy a greater return on investment. With Aria’s Technical Account Management service, customers get the best of both worlds.

While the concept of TAM is not an Aria invention, it complements the Aria platform perfectly, given its depth, breadth, and complexity, and all the different ways it can be used by customers to manage subscriptions, reduce leakage, and mitigate churn. As customers transition from implementation to customer support, the Aria TAM team ensures that the platform is operating as it should to deliver against the original mandate. Additionally, TAM looks for opportunities to improve performance and proposes Aria features and capabilities that might further maximize the company’s investment in the cloud billing platform.

Aria’s TAM offering comprises a wide range of services, from which an enterprise can choose the most appropriate, based on the way they use the platform and their business priorities. Whether Aria is recommending new features for adoption, providing general administrative assistance for running the platform on a day-to-day basis, doing general troubleshooting, or is even embedded within customer DevOps teams, Aria customers can choose the services that make the most sense given their unique needs and in-house resources. In some cases, Aria can fill gaps where customers lack the internal resources, while in others, the TAM team can support and augment without duplication of efforts.

For more than a year, Aria has been delivering these post-implementation value-added services to its customers. Among the most popular are Business Architecture Expertise, through which Aria helps customers ensure that any changes or transitions to the platform are made smoothly and effectively. Business Process Monitoring, another popular TAM option, keeps an eye on a customer’s individual implementation to identify minor disruptions before they become major problems that can threaten customer relationships and revenue. For all TAM users, Aria offers quarterly Periodic Health Checks to understand and address pain points, continuously identify new areas of opportunity, respond to changes in customer business models, and measure progress.

In TAM-like engagements offered by other vendors, customers typically have one dedicated person responsible for executing all selected services. While Aria also provides a single point of contact, the actual execution of TAM services is done via a team model consisting of technical and operational specialists who are not only experts in the ins and outs of the platform but are also familiar with the specific customer implementation at hand. From consultants to architects to workflow developers, an Aria customer can have multiple experts working on their TAM engagement at any one time, with the composition of the team dictated by the nature of the opportunity.

Finally, Aria TAM customers reap the benefits of learning from the successes of fellow customers. The TAM team captures best practices from implementations across the portfolio and looks for opportunities to apply them to customers with similar challenges or opportunities.

The completion of the implementation phase of the cloud billing platform does not mark the end of the journey for Aria customers. Quite the contrary. TAM ensures that Aria customers have continuous access to the expertise that can help them to extract maximum value from the platform and enhance prospects for recurring revenue success.

For more information about TAM, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Jeff Lamos

Vice President of Professional Services at Aria Systems. Jeff is responsible for the teams that bring Aria’s industry-leading solutions to life in the ecosystems of its global customers. He oversees implementations in APAC, EMEA and North and South America by empowering the Professional Services, Managed Services and Workflow Solutions teams to deliver leading-edge solutions to today’s top enterprise companies.