Modern Billing Platforms: A Strategic Multiplier

How publishers can use billing platforms to build subscriber trust and engagement, and diversify revenue streams

As publishers continue to digitize, the ability to accelerate and diversify revenue requires a modern and agile approach to the technology that supports your business. Billing — provided by a modern billing platform — plays an active role in creating sustainable advantages for publishers by facilitating subscriber, title, access, and delivery management.

Billing is no longer just a back-office function; the value it delivers spans functions across the business and provides welcome improvements to your subscribers’ experiences. A modern billing platform becomes the centralized hub for subscriber data and insights that enable strategic decisions by customer-facing product roles and behind-the-scenes IT and finance roles.

Read this eBook to learn how a modern billing platform brings strategic value by helping publishers to:

  • Build trust
  • Expand engagement
  • Diversify revenue