From Vicious to Virtuous: Breaking the Cycle of RFP and Business Transformation Failure

Launching new initiatives is essential for enterprises seeking an increased share of the market or customer wallet. Your strategy may be to create verticalized services, expand into new geographies, or launch a program of mergers and acquisitions, and you may combine these initiatives as part of a broader transformation strategy.  

For many organizations, transformation projects and RFPs are deeply intertwined. They may even be synonymous. This means that a poorly executed RFP can jeopardize the success of the overall project.  

If your organization is one of the 70% of companies that ZDNet identifies as either having a business transformation project in place, or being about to launch one, then this eBook is for you. In it, we explore:

  • 5 common business transformation and RFP pitfalls to avoid
  • 7 best practices to ensure success
  • Case studies of businesses that got their transformations right – and wrong

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