Aria vs Zuora

  1. Unmatched operational reliability
    Best industry track records for on-time and on-budget Go Lives. Best system availability at 99.9995% for 5 years consecutively.
  2. Comprehensive eventing model
    Aria’s Active Orchestration combines a comprehensive eventing model, with APIs and data extensions, to trigger actions in all connected systems of record, provisioning, payments, and more.
  3. Best in class product catalog
    Easily offer and bill for both subscription and non-subscription offers in an open product catalog, while enforcing sophisticated rules for allowability, exclusions, grouping, hierarchy, and more.
Supporting business complexity

Business complexity grows as the size, scale, geographic reach, and diversity of markets you serve increases, and the demands of B2B, B2C, and B2B2x businesses are blending. Ability to handle the permutations with easily updatable building blocks is key.

Managing diverse subscriber relationships

Your subscriber relationships can be complicated, involving multiple departments, divisions, locations, and payment methods. Customers demand account relationships and payment relationships in complex ways like parent-pay, child-pay, sponsored, pooled usage, or touching large numbers of devices/fleets of vehicles where consumption and payment are not the same.

Adding new services

Customers (and competition) challenge you to rapidly introduce new services. Eliminate the “billing bottleneck” with unlimited monetization models, including more than just “subscriptions”, especially consumption/usage billing through simple configuration adjustments.

Sophisticated product catalog

Sophisticated and open product catalog allows you to easily offer and bill for both subscription and non-subscription offers in an open product catalog, while enforcing sophisticated rules for allowability, exclusions, pre-requisites, grouping, bundles, hierarchy, and more.

Dunning and collections

Dunning and Collections: Manage fully customizable schedules for sending customized notices, apply late fees, limiting services/pausing access. Do so for different cohorts such as payment method (Credit Card; ACH; Contractual Terms with Checking lock-box), by products deployed, or by geography served.

Orchestrating your business

Your recurring revenue billing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It touches many parts of your business and many existing systems. Update and synchronize data, automate business processes, and engage customers, without creating custom code that must be maintained. Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value as you watch out for your customers and your business, actively orchestrating interactions and revenue moments.

Operational excellence – implementation

Best in industry track record for on-time and on-budget Go Lives.

Operational excellence – availability & scale

Unmatched reliability, uptime and security among cloud-based competitors; uptime of between 99.99% and 100% for last 30+ months, highest number and level of security standard certifications, zero breaches in company history, and automated scaling of system resources during peak usage periods.

No downtime maintenance

Aria updates the core platform for all customers approximately every 7 weeks. Aria’s Live Release™ technology ensures zero down-time of production or staging environments during seamless upgrades.

Data feed to data lake

Recognize a strategic imperative for data to drive action, which demands data from multiple systems and sources are integrated. Not another BI tool. Go beyond standard reports via an always-on feed of data into your data lake to merge with other data sets where you can perform advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data-repository agnostic – choose whether to push to brand-name or proprietary data lake.

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