Aria vs Netcracker Digital BSS

  1. Cloud-native
    Aria provides a cloud-native billing and monetization solution that offers a full set of out-of-the-box monetization models for B2B, B2C and B2B2C.
  2. Cross industry
    Aria has experience in and is built to support all industries so that our clients can quickly launch new digital services outside of traditional telecom.
  3. Easy configuration
    Aria Systems is deployed by configuration, not custom code so there is no need to consume scarce IT resources to quickly launch new products and adapt to changes in the market.
Netcracker Digital BSS
Public cloud native

A cloud-First approach continually makes new capabilities available that are inspired by diverse industries, which is valuable for CSPs looking to offer new services outside of traditional telecom.

Telecom industry focus

Aria’s platform delivers on CSP monetization. Its origins are based on the sophisticated billing demands required by telecom, but it was designed with a focus on ease of use without compromising the complexity telco operators need.

Cross industry expertise

Aria was built to bill for any type of goods or services, period. Companies in any industry can comfortably sell “native” products alongside those provided by partners, with limitless bundling capabilities whether curated by product managers in advance or by customers and sales reps on-the-fly.

Intuitive, business user focused configuration

Aria was designed from the ground up to be a tool for business users to fully control everything about your business’ billing. Changes and updates to your products and billing behaviors are managed through configuration and not coding via an intuitive interface, with no need to involve developers or to constantly issue change orders.

Guaranteed perpetual upgrade eligibility

Aria’s born-SaaS, born-Cloud approach makes new capabilities that are inspired by diverse industries continually available to all customers all the time, and with a guarantee of permanent backward compatibility.

No downtime maintenance

Aria updates the core platform for all customers approximately every 7 weeks. Aria’s Live Release™ technology ensures zero down-time of production or staging environments during seamless upgrades.

Built on modern technology

Aria was built for the cloud from the ground up based on modern technologies like containers and microservices per an “API first” model and a true service-oriented architecture, providing a platform that scales with your business and is always ready for whatever the future brings.


Aria can support all your billing needs, or act as an agility layer peacefully coexisting with your legacy billing platform allowing you to quickly bring new products to market while catering to your organization’s risk tolerance level, no matter what it is.

Truly low total cost of ownership

No need to purchase or upgrade hardware, ever. No system administrators, developers, or DBAs to hire, ever. No hosting fees to pay, private cloud contracts to negotiate, or software licenses to buy, ever.

Actively orchestrate your business

Billing touches many parts of your business and many existing systems. Update and synchronize data, automate business processes, and engage customers, without creating custom code that must be maintained. Increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value as you watch out for your customers and your business, actively orchestrating interactions and revenue moments. Low-code/no-code solutions are easier to configure, without heavy scripting.

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