Unlimited Monetization Platform Solution

Unlimited Monetization Platform Solution

With Aria, you don’t have to accept the limited monetization models inherent in most billing systems. Aria’s cloud-based monetization platform allows you to take advantage of the widest range of subscription and usage-based models available without coding. This gives you the power to monetize anything you can think of to disrupt your market and seize a healthy advantage over your competition.

Monetize Anything

From the simplest monthly subscriptions to the most complex usage mediation and rating scenarios, if you can create it, Aria can monetize it. With Aria you can start monetizing digital content and everything from APIs, QR codes, creative services, publishing and social media, to cars and fleet usage, MRI machines, and PaaS and IaaS offerings. Aria makes it easy to monetize any type of content, product, service, device, software, XaaS platform, Internet of Things service, and more. Think of how Aria's monetization platform can help you expand your customer base, your market, and your bottom line.

Disrupt Your Market with the IoT

With the Internet of Things (IoT) comes new market opportunities that were unforeseen even a few years ago. To capitalize on the IoT, you need a monetization platform that can empower you to take full advantage of the widest variety of product offerings, bundles, and promotions delivered at digital speed. To be successful in this exciting new landscape, you need to expand your perspective and technologies with a monetization platform like Aria—one that gives you the ability to quickly turn your product strategies into reality.

Unlimited Offers

Define your product or service, the monetization or pricing model, relevant promotions, price points, and payment methods. Decide which currencies, geographies, channels, partners, and sites your customers can use to obtain your offerings. With Aria it’s easy to define, manage, and iterate these critical elements to meet your business goals and revenue objectives. Create separate offers by region, define pricing in one currency and settle in another. Offer promotions and discounts by account, geography, number, time, product, and more.

The Most Models

Aria supports unlimited pricing and packaging models, including basic subscriptions, usage, one-time orders, and any combination of the above. But it doesn’t stop there. From tiered subscriptions to metered usage and everything in between—including thresholds, pooled use, freemiums, and more—Aria can handle it. Create an almost infinite number of possibilities, all without any coding. With Aria you get more models to future-proof your business so you can start where you are and grow from there. With Aria there are no limits.

Don’t Accept Limitations

Legacy and simple cloud billing systems can be disastrous for the success of your business. Rather than supporting just a handful of common monetization models, Aria gives you the tools to monetize any scenario quickly and easily, including monetizing digital content. Define the monetization plans and services that best support your business strategy and roll them out as fast as your internal approvals allow. With Aria you don’t wait on custom coding and lengthy QA cycles. You launch and iterate new offerings in minutes to better engage and serve your customers, and, of course, to bound ahead of your competition.

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