Revenue Tracking Software

Revenue Tracking Software

Revenue leakage is a drain on your bottom line, but with Aria’s cloud-based monetization platform it’s easy to prevent the most common revenue leakage scenarios. Our automated billing and revenue tracking software gives you the ability to stop situations where a customer’s service is left on after a downgrade or cancellation, customers are not being billed for new service or are being under billed for what they are currently using, unauthorized credits are issued, and even something as common as manual processing errors.

In short, your customers need to receive the products and services they’ve paid for, not the ones they haven’t, and be accurately billed every single time. Here’s what Aria’s automated billing capabilities do to make this happen.

Prevent Fragmented Customer Data

It can cost you money when customer data is fragmented across multiple systems. Customers might receive products they haven’t paid for or be charged incorrectly for what they order. Some vendors ignore this problem, while others don’t have a real solution but try to convince you otherwise.

Aria’s Active Orchestration remedies this issue by immediately and automatically notifying downstream systems when any of over 160 predefined “events” occur. So if an account is created, a subscription is changed, a refund is created, and so on, data is updated in related systems almost instantly, and these systems can then act upon this information in near real time. This ensures that each customer gets the right services and only the right services, while keeping customer data in sync across your systems. What’s more, this capability doesn’t require writing and maintaining of custom code, and is a standard part of Aria’s ability to handle automated recurring billing.

Automate Service Activation Processes

Don’t risk giving away services because systems are out of sync. With Aria you can guarantee each customer’s product entitlements match their contracts and orders. You can automate billing services and link dunning processes to service provisioning in order to cut off services when customers don’t pay. You can even store authorized IP addresses to keep multiple people from sharing accounts, so that each user has to pay for their own access.

Guarantee That You Charge the Correct Amount

Aria’s recurring billing and invoicing functions ensure that customers are charged the right amount for each billing period based on contracted services, price, and usage. The comprehensive exception reporting of our revenue tracking software allows you to follow and resolve usage-transaction processing exceptions before they become invoicing errors. Eliminating revenue leakage is hard for many companies, but Aria makes it easy.

Reap the Benefits of Advanced Credit and Refund Support

If you have an intricate product catalog that incorporates different types of charges, Aria’s automated billing software can handle credits and refunds both deftly and accurately. Aria has the ability to issue credits and refunds based on advanced usage criteria, through a system designed to minimize revenue leakage that occurs when refunds or credits are misappropriated.

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