Enterprise Recurring Revenue Solution

Enterprise Recurring Revenue Solution

Success in enterprise recurring revenue involves your entire organization. It requires that you move beyond billing to manage all the steps involved in monetizing your services, from customer acquisition, to activation, to payments, and more. While other vendors provide simplistic billing solutions, Aria offers a complete recurring revenue management solution to maximize the value of each customer relationship.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Each and every customer relationship is made up of a series of touches, all of which must be proactively managed to meet customer needs and expectations. Aria calls these touches “revenue moments,” because every time you interact with your clients is an opportunity to either delight or disappoint them. In this digital age, every interaction has the potential to positively or negatively affect your bottom line.

While traditional billing systems focus on processing sales transactions and pay little attention, if any, to revenue moments, Aria is different. Our recurring revenue solution enables you to maximize the value of every customer interaction with proactive offers and self-service capabilities. As a result, your customers get the most from your company and products. In the end, you get happy customers who keep coming back for more, and you greatly expand your ability to maximize customer lifetime value.

Get Complete End-to-End Recurring Revenue

Manage each revenue moment across your entire ecosystem from one central platform by utilizing Aria’s recurring revenue software. While billing-only systems may meet one critical need (processing credit cards, flat rate billing, etc.), many can’t succeed at supporting subscriptions, usage, user self-service, activation, and delivery transactions—all things integral to a business successfully adopting a recurring revenue model.

With Aria’s enterprise revenue management system, you can add new customers on your website or in Salesforce, and automate customer onboarding, service activation, charging, billing, and invoicing. Keep customer data in sync across all relevant systems through our seamless pre-built integrations with leading tax, financial, payment, ERP, and CRM applications. Automate simple or complex business processes that stay within or cross system boundaries. Do all of this and much more with Aria and without custom coding or IT intervention.

Measure Any Kind of Billable Unit or Usage

In order to support a successful recurring revenue model, businesses must be able to charge for many types of units and usage—from package subscriptions, to number of minutes used, to gigabytes, or even to purchases made during an online game. The inability to support different billing units or usage types limits your ability to serve your customers. For example, if a business selects a solution that only allows flat rate usage rating, they are greatly limiting the types of products and plans they can offer, which greatly limits their market.

Track Key Business Metrics

Gain complete visibility into MRR, ARR, retention rates, churn, and more with personalized analytic dashboards that help you know what works so you can do more of it. Track new products, promotions, and upsell or cross-sell offers. Engage your customers and track your results. See payment information and payment processor metrics. Use this information from Aria to create more monetization opportunities and grow your recurring revenue business faster.

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