The Media and Publishing industries continue to evolve, fueled by continued growth of mobile and broadband internet access and a shift in consumer behavior from content ownership to content access.

The proof is in the numbers. Analysts project that digital media spending will surpass traditional media spending in 2018 and grow at 9 times the rate1.  The New York Times, for example, has seen digital-only subscriptions grow 42% year-over-year, while subscriptions to the Weekday and Sunday print editions have decreased 5.5% and 1.2%, respectively.

To stay relevant into today’s landscape and monetize investments in news and content, publishing companies must bring the agility of digital into the print market. To effectively serve both print and digital customers, they must offer both ownership and access consumption models. To do so, they need a common and coordinated platform that can harness operational efficiencies to deliver premium services and superior customer care.

AMPS is designed with the unique subscription and customer management requirements of media and publishing companies in mind. With this industry-focused solution, companies can manage the entire life cycle of both digital and traditional print subscribers in a unified environment while accelerating revenue growth through new digital content and print offerings.

With the Aria Media and Publishing Suite, content providers and publishers can easily manage distribution calendars and schedules, run promotional campaigns, offer discounts, bundle products, handle payments and manage customer access rights for both digital and print content. The applications sit seamlessly between the Aria Billing and Monetization Platform and existing legacy systems. 

Featured Applications within the Aria Media and Publishing Suite

Title Management

Title Management provides unified management of titles (newspapers, magazines, etc.), whether published via digital or physical media. Title name, description, distribution system, distribution calendar, publishing days, revenue controls and access controls are centrally orchestrated from the Aria Media and Publishing Suite.

Distribution Management

Distribution Management provides unified management of shipping addresses for customers subscribing to physical media. Content providers can manage physical deliveries to customer-defined addresses, allowing customers to split delivery between multiple addresses and across different schedules, synchronizing seamlessly with physical distribution companies.

Access Management

Access Management provides a single system to manage distribution of access rights for customers’ digital media subscriptions. Whenever a subscriber changes their set of subscriptions (additions, cancellations, etc.), the details are instantly coordinated with the access control system to provide access to newspapers, articles and other digital content.

The Power of the Aria Billing Monetization Platform Harnessed for Media and Publishing Needs

The Aria Media and Publishing Suite extends the Aria Billing and Monetization Platform and provides media and publishing companies with account management, subscription management, discount management, campaign management, bundle management, service document management, payment management and financial management capabilities. The Aria Media and Publishing Suite leverages active orchestration, notifications and drives entitlements/provisioning of physical and digital assets. The system process invoices and credits, taxation, payments (PCI certified credit card processing as well as ACH) and interfaces to the financial system of record.

The Aria Media and Publishing Suite is a unified platform which holds the state of customer and their services with your media and publishing brands, whether they access via a self-service portal or a customer service representative

The Aria Media and Publishing Suite yields greater flexibility to manage large volumes of subscriptions – for both print and digital media –  to better meet the needs of customers and reduce operational costs.


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