Media Monetization Solution

Media Monetization Solution

Delivering digital content, whether music, video, gaming, or publishing, requires the ability to connect with customers and provide a personalized experience. The traditional ways of monetizing that content—advertising, pay for one-time access, simple subscriptions—are changing. You need the flexibility to offer customers new and better ways to access your content with monetization models that set you apart from your competition. Is your competitor selling by the unit? Offer monthly access. Your competitor sells monthly access? Offer a bundle of access and one-time buys, or add options for replays by number or time period. Aria offers many new ways to monetize your offerings and our cloud-based platform makes them all easy to implement and iterate.

Pricing Flexibility

Aria provides the flexibility to fashion new offers based on geography, market segment, customer preference, or competitive pressure. We also give you the tools you need to better understand customer behavior and minimize churn. Aria gives you the capability to provide just the right offers and services at just the right price to draw content-hungry subscribers from across the globe. Differentiate yourself from your competition and create the personal customer experiences that build loyalty and drive recurring revenue sales.

Secure Payments

Aria also makes it easy to accept credit and debit cards using the payment processor of your choice to minimize the costs of doing business. You can process recurring payments automatically using Aria’s PCI and EU Safe Harbor compliant secure payments solution. Aria’s always-on, enterprise grade cloud infrastructure guarantees that your solution is available around-the-clock and around the globe, to help you deliver the packaging and pricing that keeps your customers engaged and maximizes lifetime customer value.

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