Harness the power of Aria to grow your revenue. Engage customers with personalized offers. Experiment with new services, pricing and promotions. Make decisions based on data, not intuition.

Engage Your Customers

With Aria you can target markets at a granular level with offers that are designed specifically to meet customer preferences. Identify your targets by geography, channel, segment, or product line. Easily create and deploy promotional offers to attract new buyers for any product, service, or market segment. Monitor customer behaviors and apply adaptive selling techniques to automatically identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and reduce customer churn.

Experiment with New Plans, Promotions, and Services

Work through multiple iterations to find the exact combination of services, pricing, and plans that drive sales in each market segment and channel. Aria allows you to easily build and launch new offers and promotions without IT intervention, giving you the freedom to experiment and respond in real time and maximize results. Determine if a one-month trial period is more or less effective than a 10% annual discount or a coupon for a free month. Run plans side by side to assess which provide the results you want. Roll products out geography by geography as fast as your internal approval cycles allow.

Discover What’s Working and What’s Not

Create personalized dashboards by geography, product line, market segment or channel for a precise view into revenue and growth. Drill down into promotions data or link to other business analytics tools for further insights. Make informed decisions about the effectiveness of services and offerings that best grow your business.

Discover what Aria can do for you.