Develop a monetization strategy that takes advantage of the rapid pace of your industry. Whether you offer a connected consumer device, software, or other high-tech service, Aria provides the scalability, reliability, and agility to support your rapidly growing business.

Dynamic Catalog

Aria’s dynamic pricing catalog empowers you to easily create whatever plans and offerings you wish. Your plans are easily configured so getting them to market doesn’t take months. Aria’s PCI-compliant, automated payment processing connects you to world-leading payment processors. It’s all part of Aria’s cloud-based monetization platform.

Monetization Options

You need flexibility to handle all types of monetization options, from the simplest subscriptions to the most complex tiered usage and mediation programs. To take advantage of the IoT, you’ll need to process large volumes of data without error and you must do all of this while handling peak processing volumes and rapid growth.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud

Aria’s Tier 4 data centers provide greater than 99.9% availability, so your monetization platform is always working, in all time zones across the globe. Our operations team ensures that our enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure is always running well below capacity, giving you the headroom you need to rapidly scale and deal with peak processing volumes. Simple integration to customer self-service apps gives customers full access to their current account details and the ability to make changes, giving them the control they expect.

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