There are two ways to grow revenue: get your existing customers to buy more or add new customers. Repackaging and bundling existing services is one way to do both, and Aria makes it easy while securely protecting your customers’ private data.

Efficiently creating new services with compelling value propositions can be hard. Repackaging existing services in new ways can often be easier. Either way, Aria can help. For example, communications companies at the most basic level offer voice, data, and text services. But they offer hundreds of combinations and price points to appeal to a wide range of diverse customer segments. You can do the same. With Aria, you can repackage your offerings by geography, currency, volume, usage, or almost any other criteria you can think of. Instead of offering just pay-per-use services, offer subscriptions with tiered usage discounts so customers are encouraged to use more of your services. Bundle multiple services together in different ways to offer customized packages for specific customer segments. It’s up to you and easy to do with Aria so you can maximize the value of each customer relationship.

Keeping customer data secure and protecting privacy is also a top priority. Aria’s Tier 4 data centers are PCI/DSS Level 1, EU Safe Harbor, and SSAE 16 SOC1 certified, guaranteeing the highest levels of privacy, security, and reliability for you and your customers. Aria’s monetization platform easily integrates into your existing ecosystem, enabling a true 360-degree view of each customer. You get the benefits of a secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure at the cost of a cloud-based solution.

Aria allows business users to create new product offers without IT intervention, from the simplest subscription to the most complex multi-step mediation and rating processes. Pricing flexibility is key to maximizing lifetime customer value. Encourage customers to standardize on your services with aggregated, pooled, or volume usage pricing. Aria makes it easy to activate services immediately, provide self-service capabilities, and engage your customers to keep them coming back for more.

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