Customer Loyalty Management

Customer Loyalty Management

From acquisition to fulfillment to payment and beyond, each and every relationship you have with your customers is made up a series of touches, all of which you must proactively manage to meet their needs and expectations. Aria calls these touches “revenue moments,” because every time you interact with your customers is an opportunity to either delight or disappoint them, meaning every interaction has the capability to positively or negatively affect your bottom line.

While traditional billing systems focus only on processing sales transactions and pay little attention, if any, to revenue moments, Aria is different. Our customer loyalty management enables you to maximize the value of every customer interaction, so customers get the most from your company and products. Because of this, you get happy customers who keep coming back for more, and therefore the ability to maximize customer lifetime value.

Here are just some of the capabilities that Aria gives to you to facilitate rewarding interactions with your customers.

Manage Each Revenue Moment

Aria’s subscriber management system empowers you to make the most out of every revenue moment by understanding your customer’s unique preferences, price sensitivities, consumption patterns, payment history, and more. With Aria you can immediately and appropriately respond to every revenue moment you deem important in order to deliver the right customer experience and build loyalty over time.

Deliver Highly Personalized Buying Experiences

Personalized customer experiences translate into higher customer satisfaction and more frequent incremental sales. Aria gives you the customer loyalty management capabilities that facilitate upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on relevant product usage, and ensures these opportunities come at just the right time to deliver a custom buying experience that encourages your customers to buy more and more often.

Iterate and Test to Optimize Offerings

One of the greatest benefits of the Aria platform is its agility. With Aria, you can quickly iterate and get new products to market to take advantage of current trends, or set up multiple iterations running in conjunction with one another to test which offers perform best. When this kind of agility is utilized in conjunction with our ability to collect and measure all usage data (and not just data for billed items), you get a much clearer picture not only of what your customers are buying, but how and when these products are being used. This lets you hone in and rapidly configure offerings that not only increase purchases, but also heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrate Systems to Enhance Subscriber Management Capabilities

As customers change plans, Aria’s subscriber management system makes it easy to keep their information current across all relevant systems through our seamless pre-built integrations with leading tax, financial, payment, ERP, and CRM applications. Whether customers engage with you through your website, your self-service app, or your Sales and Support organizations, Aria ensures that your customer data is up to date.

For instance, if a customer called to inquire about a charge that wasn’t originally recognized, and through the course of the call upgraded their service, your support reps will have this information readily available, which improves the customer experience and their view of your company.

Keep Customers Engaged and Active

Using Aria’s customer loyalty management, you’re able to immediately and appropriately engage your customers. Every charge, every invoice, every statement, and every payment is an opportunity to reach out to your customers with relevant information. Send usage tips, referral discounts, invitations, birthday announcements, or anniversary “thank you” messages. Engaging customers increases loyalty and raises customer lifetime value to your organization.

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