Cloud Management Solution

Cloud-Based Billing Solution

In the cloud, your customers expect personalized service anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As a pioneer in cloud technology and the inventor of cloud-based billing, Aria understands the unique operational needs of cloud-based businesses better than anyone, and we prove it in every implementation. Here’s what Aria brings to your company:


Your cloud business is running 24/7, so you need a monetization platform that supports your business 24/7. Aria delivers datacenter-grade uptime to keep your recurring revenue operations running around the clock. Due to our exclusive LiveRelease™ technology, we never take our system offline to release product updates. This enables us to roll out new cloud billing software code releases and feature enhancements transparently and without maintenance downtime. With Aria’s cloud accounting solutions, your business and your customers are never left waiting, not even for an instant.


The cloud market evolves quickly, so you need the agility to experiment with new offers and pricing to stay ahead of the competition. Aria’s platform allows you to put together any bundle of products or services you can think of. You can offer simple access plans or combinations, including pooled plans that encourage high usage, or freemiums that automatically roll over into paid plans after a pre-defined amount time. You can also introduce limited trials and special deals that help convince new customers to try your products and services by reducing their perceived risks associated with joining new subscription or usage-based programs.

Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value

In order to maximize customer lifetime value, you must provide personalized buying opportunities tailored to the individual buying experience of each customer. Aria’s cloud accounting software makes it easy to track customer usage and behavior, identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and then follow through with personalized offers that drive recurring revenue.

Rapid Iterations

Aria gives you the tools to quickly create new offers and target your customers right when they are ready to make a purchase, while Aria’s cloud accounting system gives you the ability to properly and quickly record transaction data from these purchases. Create new product and service offerings on the fly by taking advantage of Aria’s dynamic product catalog. Give customers exactly what they want, when they want it, at a price that compels them to buy.

Global Solutions

Reach markets around the world with products and services individually tailored for each customer group or geography. Aria gives you the ability to offer your products and services in multiple currencies, and you can even price in one currency and collect in another with our global network of payment processors. Create powerful, targeted promotions with Aria to address different adoption or usage opportunities within each customer segment.

All of This and More

Seamlessly link Aria’s cloud accounting software to your e-commerce site to provide a smooth experience for your customers. Allow customers a real-time view of their current account details with Aria’s easy integrations and self-service capabilities. Maximize lifetime customer value by identifying potential churn scenarios and reaching out to customers before they leave. Monitor business and product line performance from personalized analytics and reporting dashboards. Minimize revenue leakage with Aria’s advanced dunning capabilities. Do all of this and more in an environment designed to provide the maximum level of protection for all your data, including sensitive customer and channel-partner information. It all comes standard with Aria.

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