Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management

It only makes sense that engaged customers buy more and stay with you longer. This means companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with their customers and make these connections positive experiences. Aria recognizes that every single interaction with your customers is a chance to strengthen your relationship with them, that’s why we designed our cloud-based monetization platform to provide superior business relationship management.

In short, if you give customers a good experience, you win loyalty, trust, and even more business. If you mishandle these opportunities, it can have the exact opposite effect. This is why Aria focuses on the importance of presenting your customers with relevant, personalized interactions that deliver a better experience and forge stronger relationships. Here’s how.

Upsell and Cross-sell Engagements

Aria can automatically deliver highly personalized upsell and cross-sell offers. Because Aria handles billing, it recognizes all your customer plans and how much of each plan is used by each customer. Usage threshold notifications make it easy to upsell customers when they reach a given percentage of their plan allocation or when a group account reaches a threshold you deem important. You can send promotions, trial offers, or discount coupons quickly, easily, and even automatically.

As an example, let’s take a customer that has a data plan and they are nearing their monthly limit. Aria’s customer relationship metrics can recognize this, and our system can then send a warning about approaching this threshold. Additionally, this alert can contain an offer for the customer to upgrade their service to a next-level data package to avoid costly overage fees. This does three things:

First, it makes the customer aware that they are at risk of incurring additional and unexpected charges. This makes them happier with the company because they are avoiding charges on their bill that could surprise them and leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Secondly, if the customer upgrades their service due to this alert, and winds up paying an additional $10 that month instead of an additional $50 or more, they feel like they’re getting a bargain, which puts the company in a positive light.

Lastly, the customer has now upgraded their service, so the company gets more recurring revenue, as well as increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As you can see, with Aria’s business relationship management capabilities, you focus on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) by engaging customers and designing these engagements to improve their overall satisfaction. Encouraging them to use your offerings to their benefit while increasing your bottom line and their loyalty is just one way Aria can help.

A Single View of Your Customers Across All Channels

Aria Active Orchestration lets you manage the flow of data from touchpoint to touchpoint (CRM, ERP, and fulfillment platforms). This keeps your systems synchronized and provides you with a comprehensive view of your customers, which enhances your relationship business management.

For example, when a customer upgrades their plan via your self-service application, your Customer Service team needs to know that the customer has upgraded and that this service has been provisioned. With a single view of a customer, you can respond appropriately each and every time, regardless of whether the response is in a portal, application, storefront, or with a live Sales or Support person.

Additionally, because Aria offers seamless integrations with a multitude of third-party platforms, it gives your Support team a single source of truth for customer data and customer relationship metrics. This helps clarify information for your customers, while also augmenting your Customer Support team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Customer service representatives (CSRs) won’t need to go from application to application in order to find a specific piece of information, which saves them time, and also makes the customer experience quicker, easier, and yet another opportunity to enhance their view of your company.

Accurate, Transparent Billing

One of the quickest ways to alienate customers is through errors on their bill. Any kind of discrepancy, especially one that overcharges them, is a sure-fire way to negatively affect their opinion of your company, and can send them hurriedly off to one of your competitors.

Aria is keenly aware that billing issues are one of the fastest ways to lose customers, so our platform is designed to ensure absolute billing accuracy, even in cases where discounts, promotions, or proration apply. If parent-child account relationships come into play, where, for example, a parent account pays for a subscription but a child account pays for usage, Aria is able to do this, and ensures that the correct amount is charged every time.

Additionally, invoices generated by Aria allow you to highlight details of interest to customers. This gives them greater visibility into charges, and helps them feel secure in knowing that they are not being overcharged and are getting the exact products and services they are paying for.

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