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Empower your Buyers with Agile Monetization: How the Future Pulls Billing to the Centre of your Customer Relationships

The demands of buyers of enterprise goods and services have changed rapidly and continue to change. According to Forrester Research, the future of buying requires rapid and repeated business reinvention. An enterprise needs a variety of sales channels to meet customers where they are. Enterprise leaders need to leverage flexible recurring customer and billing management solutions to easily create product offers, set pricing, manage the customer relationship, and get insight into recurring customers and revenues. 

Forrester Senior Analyst, Lily Varon, authored the report: “Empowered Buying Requires Powerful Billing Technology” which guides leaders to challenge their assumptions about what billing technology is, what it does for enterprises selling into B2B and B2C, and how rigid billing puts your future fitness at risk. 

In this webinar, you will learn: