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Maximize Lifetime Value

Find out how Aria can power your recurring revenue business

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to delight or disappoint them. Aria makes it easy to engage your customers, recommend relevant upsells or cross-sells, and turn interactions into successful revenue moments that maximize customer lifetime value (CLV). Take advantage of the countless moments recurring revenue provides to engage your customers and deepen your relationship with the seamless customer experience that keeps them coming back again and again.

Engage Customers

How you manage each of the many revenue moments that occur over the course of a customer relationship can make the difference between delighted or disappointed customers. Aria makes it easy to engage customers in any sales channel with upgrade opportunities based on plan usage or promotions. Usage high enough to warrant an upgrade? Aria can automate the engagement with an email offer or create a task for an account team member to place a call. New orders, additions, and changes are all revenue moments to engage and delight rather than disappoint.

Engage Customers
Customer Retention Techniques To Increase Value

Iterate Pricing and Packaging

Customer preferences change. Iterating pricing and packaging is easy with Aria because it doesn’t require IT. Create variations on an offer and see which customers prefer. With Aria you can iterate pricing and packaging and distribute it through your assisted and unassisted channels without coding and without IT.

Enable Self-Service

Your self-service application should offer your customers everything they want from usage history and past payment information to upgrade options and relevant promotions. The app should also clearly reflect your brand. Today’s customers expect to be able to do everything themselves, on their schedules. Don’t let them down with a self-service app that presents outdated information or restricts their ability to make plan changes. Aria APIs and Active Orchestration make it all easy to do.

Customer Lifetime Management
Increase Customer Satisfaction With Seamless Service Activation

Seamless Service Activation

Delight your customers by instantly and automatically activating services. With Aria, this isn’t an afterthought or an expensive customization, it’s a standard feature that saves your IT team countless hours of pain and suffering so they can work on new products instead of just keeping the lights on. It also works to automatically deactivate, upgrade, or downgrade services as appropriate.

Master Changes

People move. Businesses relocate. Credit cards expire. Billing responsibility shifts and contracts need to be co-termed. Plan changes require a refund or a credit. Aria handles all this change easily and elegantly, making it simple for you to offer more choices. One-time orders don’t have the element of time to complicate things like recurring revenue does. Before you choose a provider, make sure they can handle the changes your customers expect of you.

Maximize a Customers Lifetime Value
Lifetime Value Analysis

Target Promotions

Promotional offers with Aria are easy to create, easy to change, and not hard-coded into your eCommerce site. Leverage the power of Aria to easily create, distribute, manage, and process a wide range of upsell, cross-sell, and usage-based promotions targeted to just the audience you want.

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