Secure Payments

Processing payments securely, accurately, and consistently is an integral component of recurring revenue and monetizing recurring offerings. Aria supports more than15 global payment processors to provide fully automated, secure, and seamless payment and charging capabilities.

Aria’s fully secure, PCI Level 1 certified solution supports real-time charging and payments by credit card, debit card, ACH, direct debit, or SEPA transfer. Choose your favorite payment processor from Aria’s list of global payment partners. If your processor isn’t on the list, Aria’s robust payment API’s make it easy to integrate with new providers.

Recurring revenue comes with recurring payments that Aria schedules and processes automatically. Lower your costs by routing payments to the processor that provides the best terms based on location, payment method, or other criteria that you choose. When payments fail, they are automatically retried, then secondary payment methods are tried etc. Failed payments can also start integrated dunning processes or they can use Aria Active Orchestration to trigger special processing across your ecosystem.

Aria makes it easy to reduce your failure rate on card transactions with Account Updater. This service checks for updated card numbers, reprocesses them automatically, and notifies you of the change. It’s all fully configurable, fully scalable, fully auditable, and fully automated on Aria’s Monetization Platform.


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