Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is different for recurring products and services. Recognized revenue doesn't match cash flow and is often revealed in small increments over extended periods of time. Aria provides the capabilities and partnerships to handle both simple and complex revenue recognition and appropriately interact with your financial system of record

Take advantage of Aria’s standard revenue recognition rules or create your own. Out-of-the-box, Aria recognizes revenue in daily increments for services at time of invoice, payment receipt, or service-delivery date, whether paid in advance or in arrears. Revenue for services billed in arrears can be recognized in full at the time of invoicing or incrementally over an extended period of time. The same is true for physical goods.

You can also use your financial system of record for revenue recognition, or turn to a third-party revenue recognition expert. Integration is easy using Aria’s robust integration APIs and pre-built data integrations and connectors. Aria delivers flexibility to meet your GAAP and IFRS needs today and to help you transition to FASB/IASB standards.


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