Integrated Dunning

Dunning isn’t just about collecting on debt, it’s also about managing service availability for past-due accounts and closing the door on potential revenue leakage. With Aria, dunning is not an add-on or an afterthought, it’s an integrated piece of your cloud-based monetization platform.

Send notifications and reminders to customers through their preferred communications channels (including mobile devices), configure orchestrated escalations in multiple stages, and differentiate escalation procedures based on product line, account group, or other factors of your choice.

Manage service delivery based on a customer’s payment status and reduce potential revenue leakage by leveraging Aria’s seamless service activation to suspend service automatically at any stage in the escalation process, or continue to deliver service as long as you’d like. It’s your choice.

Aria’s dunning process is ecosystem aware. If you manage collections from your ERP platform, Aria Active Orchestration ensures you can automatically manage service delivery based on payment status. It’s all configurable by your business users, providing the agility necessary to make changes at the speed of your business.


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