Custom Rating

Aria automates simple, complex, and innovative custom rating and mediation scenarios, defined by business rules, without writing code.

Rate customer transactions in real-time or batch mode. Leverage Aria’s pricing flexibility to offer any combination of products, bundles, price plans, or customer-specific pricing, then rate usage and price your offerings accordingly, without manual errors and in alignment with your governance structure. Where more flexibility is needed, Aria provides the tools to create exactly what you need without compromise.

Build your own custom rating and mediation scenarios without writing code by using Aria Active Orchestration. From the simplest scenario to the most complex mediation processes, Aria allows you to include any processing you desire, even if it requires accessing data from other systems.

Define when and how to charge for products and services using your own business rules. If you can define it in words or draw it in a flow chart, you can deploy it in Aria. Transform your markets with new and innovative scenarios that deliver on your business strategy and maximize customer lifetime value. Break out of the one-size-fits-all mold and harness the full power of Aria.


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