Billing & Invoicing

Manipulating spreadsheets manually to prepare invoices and process billing simply won’t scale with recurring revenue. Aria’s agile billing and revenue management process is fully automated and provides an array of easily adjustable invoicing options to meet your specific business and compliance needs.

Bill your clients how and when you choose, taking advantage of nearly 50 user-configurable options included in our billing and invoicing software. Need to double check invoices before they go out the door? Using Aria Active Orchestration, you can insert review and approval processes into an automated billing workflow and flag any invoice for approval based on your own criteria. Create custom HTML, XML, or PDF invoice or statement documtents formatted to meet your specific needs. Vary document formats by business unit, geography, or product line. Use our business accounting software to provide summary data only, or include detailed line-item data.

Aria’s billing and invoice software gives you full control to automatically route your customer-facing documents wherever they need to go. Make invoices and statements available through self-service applications, email directly to customers, or print and mail hard copies. If you’d rather use existing invoice and statement processes in your ERP or financial management applications, Aria’s invoicing system can easily receive the raw data you need for these processes, usually using our out-of-the-box integrations and connectors.

Aria’s platform also offers these capabilities:

Enhanced Billing Consistency and Transparency

Have you ever considered how a bill can increase or diminish the customer experience? Aria’s online charging system ensures that customers are only charged for the products and services they purchased, and our business accounting software produces bills that provide clarity and transparency. Customers can clearly see what’s incorporated into any umbrella fees, and they have access to up-to-date data so they can better manage their spending. This visibility gives customers a deeper understanding of all their charges, which helps increase both satisfaction and retention.

Lights-Out Automation

The goal of any recurring billing and invoicing system should be to operate in a “lights-out” automated fashion. With that in mind, Aria’s billing and invoicing software greatly reduces the need for manual intervention, and routine online recurring payments are handled automatically and accurately.

Aria’s software for billing and invoicing identifies all accounts that need action, including:

  • Processing expired contracts
  • Updating queued plan changes
  • Generating electronic collections and managing exceptions
  • Generating and sending account statements
  • Evaluating and taking action on predefined dunning steps for each subscription

With Aria, there are numerous system-wide options to govern a multitude of actions, including several out-of-the-box features that help you retain customers and minimize the churn companies experience due to declined credit cards and other processing failures.

Fast and Flexible Product Pricing, Packaging, and Promotions

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, being first to market provides an unmistakable advantage, while being late can be devastating. If your billing system does not support the ability to simply and rapidly change pricing and offers, or to automate responses to maximize each revenue moment, it’s likely hindering your ability to quickly go to market, resulting in a loss of customers, market share, or both.

Aria’s dynamic product catalog complements our software for billing and invoicing, empowering you with the agility to give customers what they want, when they want it. Beat your competitors to market with new offerings, and quickly make products and services available to your customers without the time and cost of complex coding or IT intervention.


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