Grow your Recurring Revenue Business

Get Deeper Insights from Context

Reports and Analytic tools are essential to the modern recurring revenue business. They guide day-to-day operations and decision making, help identify opportunities for new offerings, improve customer acquisition, and strengthen retention. Assembling and managing an effective analytics solution can be a major undertaking.

Aria Reporting is purpose-built for recurring revenue and included with the Aria Cloud Billing and Active Monetization platform. This makes it easy to monitor key performance metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), retention and churn rates, cross-sell and upsell revenue, and CLV scores.

Analytic reports focus on business process performance and include summarized or time-series trends and can also incorporate calculations. Conditional formatting can be used to highlight out-of-bounds information so you can dynamically drill down into your data, across it, and back up for the context that provides deeper insight. Was it that new promotion that drove that increase in new customers, or just seasonal variation?

Operational reports make it easy for individuals and departments to do their jobs effectively and keep your business growing. Boost revenue by knowing exactly which products, promotions, and communications drive customers to take action. Identify customer buying patterns and apply successful tactics to other products, customer segments, or markets. Understand when customers are ready for upsell or cross-sell. Reduce churn by identifying “at risk” customers before they take their business elsewhere.


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