Active Orchestration

“Revenue moments” are customer touch points that occur whenever your customer interacts with your business. How you manage these moments makes the difference between delighted customers and disappointed ones. New orders, changes, and upgrades all create revenue moments that may initiate processes, require approvals, or need to be managed across multiple systems. Aria Active Orchestration uniquely keeps customer data in sync, directs both simple and complex workflows, executes your business rules, and drives processes at-scale to delight your customers and maximize customer lifetime value.

Orchestrate Your Ecosystem

Aria’s unique Active Orchestration manages revenue moments across your entire ecosystem. Data stays in sync across systems with event notifications that push data-rich messages across system boundaries. APIs allow access to Aria data from anywhere. Workflow enacts simple to complex business processes with automated rules, flows, and forms. Manual processes become automated, with reviews and audit trails to manage these processes effectively and efficiently.

Orchestrate the Experience

Customers expect services to be available immediately after signing up. Wait 2 days for cloud-computing access? Think again. With Aria, services are provided right away without IT having to write code or worry about integration. Aria sends the necessary information to the right place so the job gets done. If an upgrade is made or a plan changed, affected systems will know what needs to be done, too. Customer support will see the changes in case a customer calls to comment on how great their experience was.

Get creative with usage-based services. With Aria, you can measure any type of usage: time, disk space, bandwidth, downloads, streaming media, even in-app currency Notify a customer when they cross a usage threshold and offer them an upgrade. Configure which services are available in a plan, how to handle “instant-on” enablement and provisioning, or how to gracefully deal with service availability if a bill goes unpaid.

Support Your Agile Business

No more waiting for IT resources to implement changes. Make changes quickly using configuration tools designed for business users. Embed your business logic in the Aria platform, no matter how complex. Perform global rollouts by changing currencies, languages, and updating target systems as needed, all without writing custom code.

Event Notification Payloads

Aria’s exclusive, event-triggered, data-rich event notification payloads help you manage each customer’s revenue moments. Trigger automated provisioning and a wide variety of other business functions in real time. Notification payloads include the data needed for receiving systems to take action. Alert customers about time-sensitive discounts, expired credit cards, or impending usage thresholds without building complex logic yourself. Choose from a library of over 130 available events in 5 different business categories. Subscribe to the notifications you need to create a solution that meets your unique requirements.


Enact your own simple or complex business rules with Aria Workflow. Define conditional pricing or invoice approval flows, deploy complex data-based mediation and rating processes, or create custom forms and role-based UIs. Analyze data or trigger complex sequences of events across system boundaries, all without writing custom code. If you can draw it in a flow chart, you can build it in Workflow. The possibilities are almost endless.

Automated Scheduling

Aria’s Automated Scheduling allows you to schedule any service, process, or activity to occur at any time, based on any trigger. Schedule activities to occur at a specific time of day or based on the occurrence of other events (like receiving a file, approving a workflow, or completing another process). Scheduling tools are designed for business users, so you can make the changes you need without waiting on your IT team.


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