Account Management Systems

Customers and accounts come in all shapes and sizes. Aria’s account management systems offer flexible n-tier account hierarchies that let you model and service any customer relationship, from simple entities like individual consumers, to complex corporate accounts and channel relationships.

Use Aria to manage each account individually, or take advantage of flexible n-tier account hierarchies to model any customer account hierarchy or parent-child relationship. Create hierarchies with our membership subscription software using a simple point-and-click interface, or synchronize those relationships directly from Salesforce using Aria’s integrations and connectors.

Aria’s extensible n-tier account hierarchies ensure there are no limits on what offers, accounts, bundles, and promotions you can define. Sell your products to customers that have multi-layered or hierarchical structures—such as corporate entities with several departments, or families and groups with multiple users—and have the ability to generate statements that accurately reflect these nested structures. This gives you the ability to support customer mergers, acquisitions, and divestments by simply creating or removing parent-child relationships. With our membership billing software you can also define special treatment (custom pricing, promotions, discounts, etc.) for individual members and account entities at any level in a hierarchy.

Pooled Usage

Maximize the benefits of tiered pricing and volume discounts by enabling customers to pool usage across many accounts in a hierarchy, or solely within a single account. This lets multiple customers or accounts take advantage of shared usage volume to ultimately pay less for what they consume (for example, GBs of storage or wireless family data plans).

Split Billing

Don’t turn customers away just because payment responsibility isn’t flexible. Our account management system grants the ability to configure non-standard payment responsibilities and relationships. This allows customers to pay some or all of another customer’s bill, with statements and invoices that accurately reflect these associations.

So if you want to configure accounts where recurring services are paid by a parent account while all usage is paid at the child account level, Aria’s software offers this capability out of the box and without the need for any custom coding. Split billing also enables your enterprise customers to spend their budgets across departments as they see fit, while reducing administrative overhead or unnecessary billing burdens.

Automated Dunning and Collections

Dunning isn’t just about collecting on debt, it’s also about managing service availability for past-due accounts and closing the door on potential revenue leakage. Use our software business management tools to fully automate the tasks your company performs when customers become past due, including credit card retries, outbound notices to customers, application of late fees, and suspension of service. Tailor these actions differently for different types of customers, based on customer class, geography, form of payment, and more.

With Aria account management system, dunning is not an add-on or an afterthought; it’s an integrated piece of your cloud-based monetization platform. If your business accounts software doesn’t fully automate dunning, then it must be performed manually to prevent revenue leakage. However, manual dunning is expensive, increases the potential for inaccuracies, and is often not sustainable (or even possible) at higher volumes.


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